Imagine I am God (yet called Nature by a few)

                 " I can find no truth higher then Nature it's self, and find it is enough;

                                                           to accept

                                              I am a part of Nature it's self "

 And I believe if there is One Universal belief, able to be believed by All - Nature can be-

                                                            ( or maybe best to forget this word god all together                                                                                                                   and say;" Simply don't Know! ")

A huge mistake we as American's each and every one of us ,  made was not Up holding to the         Highest Degree, Separation of Church and State, when on the very dollar bill one may carry, says in God we trust !, thats not Separation of Church and State, thats not up holding freedom of religion.

(The "establishment of religion" clause of the First Amendment means at least this: Neither a state nor the Federal Government can set up a church. Neither can pass laws which aid one religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion to another ... in the words of Jefferson, the [First Amendment] clause against establishment of religion by law was intended to erect 'a wall of separation between church and State' ... That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach.[13] )-wikipedia
                                                                                                  be better to say on dollar bill
                                                                                                    " In Nature We Trust "
                                                                                               "As there is No Greater Force"
                                                                                                                         - my 2 cents


                                                                  (The Scenario, based on Plato's - "FORMs" -)

                                                                                             A Epic Novel


                                                                                      "That we Must Create"

                                                                                                based on;

                                                                                           and the " IDEA of "

                                                                     And the Most Perfect Circle you may try to draw (Nature)

                                                                               (and earth ,all entities,another circle within)

                                                                                       All you can see and feel 

                                                                                           the Need for Roots

Where did the word God originate?
The English word God originated from an old Anglo-Saxon word which itself was derived from the Germanic word Gott which was used to refer to all sorts of "gods," not necessarily the True God (just as "god" still is).

                                                                                        And I have a" IDEA of "

                                  And Only then can it ever be Created,-built-,  I am a Carpenter I know, at least that part

                                                      "Our Concern is to Understand Plato's Idea of Metaphysics "

                                           A touch of " being Inspired", can't see...yet very much can Feel..and is Real

                                                              “Beauty is no material thing. Beauty cannot be copied. 

                                                           Beauty is the sensation of pleasure on the mind of the seer. 

                                            No thing is beautiful. But all things await the sensitive and imaginative mind

                                            that may be aroused to pleasurable emotion at sight of them. This is beauty.”
                                                                           ― Robert Henri, The Art Spirit 

                                                            On the Basis of the Mystic- as Joe Cocker knew

                                                        On basis ofAlbert Einstein: Sense of the Mysterious is the;

                                                                        Principle of Religion.

                           The most beautiful and deepest experience a man can have is the sense of the mysterious

.                         It is the underlying principle of religion as well as all serious endeavour in art and science.

                                                                                               Based on ; 

                                                         There are moments in our lives, there are moments in a day,

                                                        when we seem to see beyond the usual- become clairvoyant. 

                                        We reach then into reality. Such are the moments of our greatest happiness.

                                                            Such are the moments of our greatest wisdom. 

                                                   It is in the nature of all people to have these experiences;

                                                         but in our time and under the conditions of our lives,

                                  it is only a rare few who are able to continue in the experience and find expression for it.

                                                                                              - Robert Henri

                                                Based on ; That all great Art, is " Idea of " as Robert Henri reveals

                                                                             And great music forms on "Idea of"

                                                                                   at those Profound moments

                       “Through art mysterious bonds of understanding and of knowledge are established among men.

                                                                  They are the bonds of a great Brotherhood.

                                                          Those who are of the Brotherhood know each other, 

                                                                 and time and space cannot separate them.

                                                                          The Brotherhood is powerful.

                                                                              It has many members.

                                                                  They are of all places and of all times.

                                                                            The members do not die.

                                          One is member to the degree that he can be member, no more, no less.

                                                 And that part of him that is of the Brotherhood does not die.

                                             The work of the Brotherhood does not deal with surface events. 

                        Institutions on the world surface can rise and become powerful and they can destroy each other.

                                  Statesmen can put patch upon patch to make things continue to stand still.

                                  No matter what may happen on the surface the Brotherhood goes steadily on.

                                                                            It is the evolution of man.

                                                                          Let the surface destroy itself,

                                                                     the Brotherhood will start it again.

                                                                                     For in all cases,

                                                               no matter how strong the surface institutions 

                                                            become, no matter what laws may be laid down,

                                                                             what patches may be made,

                                                             all change that is real is due to the Brotherhood.”

                                                                                        - Robert Henri

                                                                      Based on ;    "One Must Know Their Part"

                                                 Based on; The Wolf and Man the highest entities of their realm

                                                                     based on; is the Wolf a herd(crowd) animal?

                                                                                   Has Man become one?

                                                        “Many things that come into the world are not looked into. 

                                                                                     The individual says 

                                                                         'My crowd doesn't run that way.'

                                                                            I say, don't run with crowds.” 

                                                                                           - Robert Henri

                                               based on Iain McGilchrist, The Master and His Emissary:

                                                                     “The really interesting finding here,

                                                                       as the authors themselves put it,  

                                     is that ‘without batting an eye’ the left hemisphere draws mistaken conclusions

                                                          from the information available to it and lays down the law

                                                             about what only the right hemisphere can know:

                                                  ‘yet, the left did not offer its suggestion in a guessing vein

                                                                     but rather [as] a statement of fact” 

                                                                           - Iain McGilchrist

“The left hemisphere prefers the impersonal to the personal, and that tendency would be in any case be instantiated in the fabric of a technologically driven and bureaucratically administered society. The impersonal would come to replace the personal. There would be a focus on material things at the expense of the living. Social cohesion, and the bonds between person and person, and just as importantly between person and place, the context in which each person belongs, would be neglected, perhaps actively disrupted, as both inconvenient and incomprehensible to the left hemisphere acting on its own. There would be a depersonalisation of the relationships between members of society, and in society’s relationship with its members. Exploitation rather than co-operation would be, explicitly or not, the default relationship between human individuals, and between humanity and the rest of the world. Resentment would lead to an emphasis on uniformity and equality, not as just one desirable to be balanced with others, but as the ultimate desirable, transcending all others. As a result individualities would be ironed out and identification would be by categories: socioeconomic groups, races, sexes, and so on, which would also feel themselves to be implicitly or explicitly in competition with, resentful of, one another. Paranoia and lack of trust would come to be the pervading stance within society both between individuals, and between such groups, and would be the stance of government towards its people.”
Iain McGilchrist, The Master and His Emissary:


  The Wolf is very personable and Sociable now, or it can't be a pack, only way it can Survive.

                            What is Man's pack become ?(aspect of need for roots, and fact that man has to know his role)

                                based on ;  Society must have Leader-as The Wolf pack does with Alpha male and female

                                                     As Plato believed Leaders must only be those whom know the " Forms "

                                                                         Thus as the Wolf, good of the Pack !


                                                                  Thought this song,on topic, plus has some nice Old photos

                      I do know,  " If I where God , I would create a Belief that could be Accepted by all, not just a select few ",

                                                          "  And call it Nature, then say your all a part of Me "

                                                                              - thus keeping it simple and True -

                                                       Now go find your Role, and do it ,do it as well as Nature allows

                        I do know

                                                              " Long ago, Deep in the dark woods surrounded by danger;

                                                                                          At least in Thought ;

                                                                  No one need be Hindered , by the Idea of not fitting in. "