Importance of "Bonding" as a "berdache type person"

                                                         ( a Essence of being human)

In the 4th century BC, the Greek philosopher Plato argued that love directs the bonds of human society. In his Symposium, Eryximachus, one of the narrators in the dialog, states that love goes far beyond simple attraction to human beauty. He states that it occurs throughout the animal and plant kingdoms, as well as throughout the universe. Love directs everything that occurs, in the realm of the gods as well as that of humans (186a–b).

                                                                                 Pair bonding

The term pair bond originated in 1940 in reference to mated pairs of birds; referring to a monogamous or relatively monogamous relationship. Whilst some form of monogamy may characterise around 90% of bird species, in mammals long-term pairing (beyond the brief duration of copulation itself) is rare, at around 3% (see animal monogamy). The incidence of monogamy in primate species is similarly low in contrast with polygyny (one male mating with two or more females), the most common pattern.[3] However, regardless of mating patterns, primate life is typically characterised by long-lasting social relationships (whether sexual, care-giving, coalitionary or otherwise) formed in the context of living in durable social groups,[3] and any such durable relationship (whether exclusive or not) is characterised by some degree of bonding. Similarly, whilst the 'naturalness' of monogamy in humans is debated,[4] durable monogamous or polygamous relationships will typically be accompanied by affectional or emotional bondingHuman bonding / wikipedia


     It took me along time to realize why I so desired to have sex with so many Men

                        And not until I started studying the Berdache Ways, then other third-gender type people did I realize.

                                 First I knew clearly ; " I wasn't having sex for physical pleasure reasons , because I knew;

                                                          it was not important for myself to have a Orgasm at all,

                                     Yet it was very important for me to get the Man I was with to reach Orgasm and ejaculate,

                                     If on our first encounter, I did take his cock in my mouth, the encounter could go two ways,

                         If he was very kind, was treating me well, if I liked taste of him, cleanliness of him, then soon I be asking him to;

                                                                          Ejaculate in my mouth , which he would do,

                                      When he did, several factors played apart in if I would on next encounter ,(if there would be one) ;

                           If he was kind about " How he went about ejaculating in my mouth ", (telling me when he was ready too! etc,)  


                                                                      If he didn't I didn't desire him any longer  

                                  If he was Kind, then the next encounter , I very much my want to take him up inside my " Bottom "

                                  If I did then take him in my bottom, the factor there was " is he Kind about how he is "Boning me ", 

                               If he is, I will ask him to ejaculate up in me, if not, I will ask him to pull-out and ejaculate outside of me.

                                                     If he didn't ejaculate in my bottom, I didn't desire him any longer    

                                                                      If I did allow him to ejaculate in my bottom ,

                                                          I very much wanted to pleasure him as often as possible!,

                                     For myself, I found most Men treated me Kind, and helped put me in my Female Role,

                I was forming Bonds, at same time realizing how important " Empathy " was in regards to One's Role in Bonding


                                " A look at Bonding " ↓

I am not endorsing any religion (as my God is named Nature ),yet God is Universal what one calls their belief.

 And what Sue Johnson is saying is Universal for all

                                            I can relate to this video by Johann Hari well, as in " need for a tribe "     

                              I often felt I was " attempting to form a tribe ", when seeing all the men in my berdache role