In your Next Life, what type Human would your like to be?

                                        Has there been One Idea you've carried through out your life that comes to mind

                                                       Did anyone teach you how to be Human in the first place


  Are you the First Member of a New Species

                I like this article by ; Liane Gabora Ph.D.


There have been many blogs of late on the theme ‘there's a bright side to being different'. The most extreme form of this, of course, is if you are not merely different but the first member of a whole new species. This may sound 'out there' but it has happened jillions of times on this planet that an organism's DNA mutated, and the organism was not the same species as either of its parents, nor anyone in the neighborhood, nor for that matter anything that ever lived before. It may be happening right now in some lineage somewhere, and it's bound to happen again in our lineage, if not as a result of Mother Nature's handiwork, as a result of our own tinkering.

So if you think you're different, you may want to investigate the slim but intriguing possibility that you're the first member of a new species. You investigate it by seeing if you can mate with humans. If you're genuinely the first member of a new species, you won't be able to successfully produce offspring with another human. (Try to conduct your investigation in such a way as to avoid bringing unwanted children into the world, taking into account the concerns raised in my first blog, Un-family-ar values.)

Being different presents hardships, as many PT bloggers have noted, but the hardships encountered by people who are ‘merely different' pale in comparison with the hardships encountered by someone who is the first member of a new species. This is particularly true if you want your new species to proliferate, which given how organisms are wired, will likely be the case. You have already conquered the odds of being the first member of this new species, but there are more odds to conquer if you want your race to live on and prosper. There has to exist, at this very point in time, another person who has the same genetic mutation as you, and is thus a member of this same new species, and this person has to happen to be the opposite sex to you, and you have to find each other, and you have to want to mate with each other!

So, as someone who studies creativity in both the biological and cultural realms, I've taken it upon myself to offer the following free and confidential service: I will act as the official contact person for individuals who suspect they may be the first member of a new species. I may not be in exactly the same boat as you but I think you will find that I can relate to and sympathize with your situation. In return I hope to meet some interesting 'people' (or whatever you prefer to be called). Of course, if I find you attractive, I may have to, in the name of science, verify for myself whether you fulfill the above-mentioned condition for possible new species-hood. If you qualify, I will look through my database of others who suspect that they too are members of a new species, and match you up. The rest is up to you, but before you and your new race do anything drastic, don't forget I saved you from extinction. - Are you the First Member of a New Species?From an evolutionary perspective, being 'merely different' looks easy by Liane Gabora Ph.D.

As being a person that doesn't fit into Societies expectation of what a defined human is, I can relate to the above very well.- me

Clearly for myself " I want to be Female ",,psychologically same, just female body, some type of crafts person, sign-painter, make blankets, dresses, woodworker, boatbuilder etc.

 Then I could have man, and it not be a big deal