irrational verse rational thinking

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 " Conclusion At least some behavioral violations of rational models in the laboratory appear to result from behavior that is wellsuited to the natural environment, implying that evidence of irrationality is not sufficient for concluding that realworld behavior ought to change. Furthermore, it is possible that following rational rules is not even the key to accuracy in the real world, suggesting that irrational behavior might never indicate that real-world behavior ought to change. These observations lead to a natural prescription for researchers: treat rational models as theories, not as standards, of behavior. Viewing rational modelsasstandardsimpliesthatbehavioroughttochange when they are violated, whereas viewing them as theories does not.It also opens up the possibility oftesting multiple rational models in order to see which provides the best account of behavior, rather than comparing behavior with a single model [50]. In each empirical example discussed earlier, a rational model that was not considered until recently can explain the otherwise puzzling behavior. Rational models serve as useful guides for understanding behavior, especially when they are combined with considerations of the environment. When a rational model fails to describe behavior, a different rational model, not different behavior, might be called for."

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