July 2019 Transfeminine nude Poses

july 6 2019 pose
July 6 2019 pose
July 7 2019 catwalk pose

                  For me felt silly at first yet learned, what the girls have to do..when posing " Catwalk " style. ain't so easy !

..rapid..and robotic..like.. I favor the slower swaying type I do toward end.

Might Say I can go to the Woods to paint a Image of my True self, and truth lives in these woods, and I get to Listen to their sounds


“It is a creation of your own mind, not the model. The model is dependent on your idea of her. Your canvas should be a thing created under the influence of her.”
― Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

“If we are cultivating fruit in an orchard, we wish that particular fruit to grow in its own way; we give it the soil it needs, the amount of moisture, the amount of care, but we do not treat the apple tree as we would the pear tree or the peach tree as we would the vineyard on the hillside. Each is allowed the freedom of its own kind and the result is the perfection of growth which can be accomplished in no other way. The time must come when the same freedom is allowed the individual; each in his own way must develop according to nature's purpose, the body must be but the channel for the expression of purpose, interest, emotion, labor. Everywhere freedom must be the sign of reason.”
― Robert Henri, The Art Spirit:

I think Plato, may of thought on the foundation of his " Forms ",  - It's not a Matter of liking or disliking, agreeing or disagreeing, it's about seeing the very essense of the truth, what really is and un-hindered by " Pre-Concieved Notions " or else nothing New can become.- me

“I believe the great artists of the future will use fewer words, copy fewer things, essays will be shorter in words and longer in meaning. There will be a battle against obscurity. Effort will be made to put everything plain, out in the open. By this means we will enter into the real mystery. There will be fewer things said and done, but each thing will be fuller and will receive fuller consideration. Now we waste. There is too much “Art,” too much “decoration,” too many things are made, too many amusements wasted. Not enough is fully considered. We must paint only what is important to us, must not respond to outside demands. They do not know what they want, or what we have to give.”
― Basic Books, The Art Spirit

I think Robert Henri, may of seen in a way I feel in terms of his thought on; 

                                                      In that, as we move through Time, we can be so flooded with images,imformation;
                                                                 The Real Truth,meaning,essense of Reality can be Lost in ;