Life Purpose

I wonder if people where asking this question in America 300 hundred years ago?

I think we are trained,taught early on to prepare for a life of being Purpose-full, pull our own weight, make a living, and sure I do understand the need not to be dependent on the tribe,society I am in to feed me,cloth me,shelter me.

       Yet say I do learn a trade,say carpentry,as that is what I do,yet it could be many other trades, maybe I make blankets,boats,really the list is endless.

       Yet there is more to it, that they have not be teaching, maybe that is how to do this gracefully,in harmony,unselfishly.

                                             Imagine at the end of the day or one life,

       Maybe if only you had the ability to have inspired some one, even yourself to do better, given hope, provided a new helpful idea,        they can carry with them and on, a idea that may aid and assist, in order to create a better place.

             Even if your Life is only a messenger of sorts, yet are handing the Torch on to another.

                                                                                      - Purpose was there-

                           A Life purpose of never to be Caught up in any type of Group think, Social Dogma                                             

I think for myself, early being exposed to racism, seeing the wickedness of Social Dogma, especially after my 1st contact experience, then being scorned,called gay,simply by people taking the "group think", seeing people making judgements based on heresay, rumor. I remember then thinking " what kind of world is this ? ", acting like they know, when don't know, yet still project blindly things that they don't know as if they did know. I remember thinking I am crazy, or most of them are. Yet I did know I do not wish to be like " Most People " 

I do believe Apathy is a State we may be in, like never before, where it should much more Empathy, We now live in very fragmented culture then ever before, and personal worth lowest I ever seen " The your just a Number " ever looming. From my research, I am very shocked, as to why so many people are so un-evolved, un-teachable ,

Dr. Robert Sapolsky talks about cultural transmission of the baboons, if they can change, maybe humans can overcome the " -In the box- insanity- of religious and social Dogma "

Robert Sapolsky's new book " Behave " Named a Best Book of the Year by The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.............So he might tell you, " Just Behave "

I like all studies on Dogma, and the above podcast I found insightful.Especially that Dogma greatly limits us.

I also believe that to intergrate left hemisphere and Right ,or as Iain McGilchrist sees as the Master ,the right hemisphere, is through the routine meditations of creating/making, from woodworking ,weaving ,craft, drawing etc., all of which logic, needs  are not important, where dogma doesn't exist, where the box, shape ,size, have no limit, expectations don't exist. The idea of to be Rational is not forced on the creation at hand, not really a concern at all. - a Purpose in it's self, any as old as known human history. creations.

Iain McGilchrist brings up point " why do we think doing things faster is better " and Time for experience ( 32:50 ) a dogma it's self.

Another Dogma, I have been building Homes for over 30 years, and watched as they became anything but Rational, design being driven mainly by Group think,be like everyone else, keep up with the jones, etc, etc, 100% irrational for most part.

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