"What You practice Grows stronger"

Ways to get our Minds "under-control" and topic's related

"Transformation" is very possible,and nessary...."Perfection" isn't possible-Nature teaches us this!

I think most of us are guilty and un-aware we are doing this!.."Projection"

(this be good to put on "Epectations page as well")

“If there is a tendency for the right hemisphere to be more sorrowful and prone to depression, this can, in my view, be seen as related not only to being more in touch with what's going on, but more in touch with, and concerned for, others. ‘No man is an island’: it is the right hemisphere of the human brain that ensures that we feel part of the main. The more we are aware of and empathically connected to whatever it is that exists apart from ourselves, the more we are likely to suffer.”
Iain McGilchrist, -The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

" When we decide to replace the time we take ,for being entertained,at least in a large part,to a self awareness,learning and being mindful,will we as a Tribe,a Society, progress in any high degree"- me