Models of Civilization




A look at " Scientific Socialism by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels " and " dictatorship of the the proletariat "

                     First of all here is a great example of Socially constructed ideaology,,Pre-Concieved Notions,judgement                                                                                                  without 

                             inquiry,.total inability to see "Big Picture" - inflected on a entire Nation, being all Americans.

                                                                    thus being in Fear of studying anything say that is possibly associated with,                                                                                                                        " Communism "

                             Thus we are completely unaware of others points of view, un willing to see what they think ,have to offer,  thus                                                                                  blind to any hope of growth.

                              uneducated to how the Whole is working the Whole of the Planet Earth and it's Citizens.

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Compassion and empathy: living matter at the heart of dialectical materialism

         "Life is seen through individuals, through their relationships. There is no world, no nature, only a world, a nature existing insofar we have a relationship to them.

This conception was necessary to the bourgeois to justify the existence of the capitalist, which is an individual acting through his own understanding of its surrounding reality. Protestantism is here the main ideological construction of this approach.

Nowadays, existentialism and all the post-modernist variants that exist support a terrorist version of this self-centrednedss, this vision of the world based merely on the individuals.

Therefore, in the history of science dominated by the bourgeoisie, it was always considered that animals know no pain. They are considered as mere mechanisms, by Descartes and Malebranche notably, without a “conscience”.

Of course, this wrong conception proved more and more wrong, through the affirmation of democratic and socialist thought."

                                          The Only way to truly see, is to see without "Pre-Concieved Notions"

                                                        To Imagine you belong to no school of thought, no government imposed belief

                                                                         No Religion imposed belief, no society imposed belief


                                                           Simply Imagine You've enter a World you've never been, and are seeing it as it;

                                                                                       Simply,truly is.


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