Noam Chomsky


I do believe that here is a Individual which wishs the United States be what it could be, a " Free States " ,governed as best possible, by people whom have the vision for a as " Pure a Democracy " as possible, to create a environment where creativity,Art can thrive.

         If the Individual is stuck on survival mode of living due to economic reasons, and a fragmented, chaotic culture it makes it very            difficult to do anything other then just pay the bills, then seek relief , by way of self medicating by way of eating, drinking,buying,          whatever means one can find for relief, from the power-less-ness one feels, when living in a culture, where the Individual has              no control , no voice.   Thus to create great Art, we must create a environment where people whom wish to create great art can          move beyond the - need to simply survive- .

          I also believe -" Human multitasking and Cognitive Dissonance " are what lead to my alcoholism, or is basic root of it . 

              From being a " craftsperson " , needing the time it takes to from a carpenter's perspective, to create whatever I need to,                       and the to the highest quality I can, yet unable to due to economics, and the hurried state we now live in, the lack of                             understanding of a society that - It takes time to make something of quality-, thus constantly being" Rushed ". 

                             We Can't have Both , quality and speed, it's one or the other. this really apply to every aspect of life.