see Ruth Benedict's page , on studying another culture and culture relativism wikipedia

Maybe it is Easier to look at what Nudity doesn't Mean, that is, in and by it's self

1. It doesn't mean that if you see a person nude, that they are thinking in away about sex in any way, shape or form. and most likely isn't.

2. You see a nude male, it doesn't mean he likes nude females sexual

3. You see a nude female, it doesn't mean she likes nude males sexual

    4. It in no way identifies a person in any way, other then their biological sex. it doesn't show anything about their                         psychogical identity, if they are rich or poor, smart or dumb.

I think part of the reason I have kept Posing Nude is a simple thing, yet very important thing ;

                              In a civilized world and a advanced society " We should be Safe when Nude "

I was sexual assaulted as a youth by a boy scout leader, had to fight painfully to fight off his grip on my genitals, so I have been face to face with a very sick human male, I have even thought at times, " do I not want a penis , yet desire to be female like, in order people like him would be attracted to me ", which makes no sense as girls art assaulted as well.

personally have seen that modern culture in America, for the most part has turned Nudity in to a almost sinful thing, and by doing this ,created a nearly social/psychological disaster, nudity now seen as a sexual state of being. So for example

Jock Sturges is well known for his great b/w nudes of youth,  As a culture we in terms of a Dogma, have been lead to  believe that by even viewing these pictures might be wrong, When we should be admiring the beauty, and freedom from Dogma they express.

After posing nude for so long, hearing comment people make about myself posing, from it is wrong!, to I am just a  Exhibitionist ......I think the exhibitionist is suppose to get sexual excitment from exposing self, yet I dont, and when I ask why is it wrong? the answer might be " it just is ". 
by Jock Sturges

For myself being Nude,(became part of my culture as artist's model)is very natural,I personally think as American,growing up in America,we are taught nudity is shameful,something even un-natural, " I believe because it has been suppressed,it has created people to form mentally a some what " Neurotic " mind, uncontrolled by themselves,for example : if one looks at a nude photo of a person posing,or is in a life-drawing class, a nude beach etc.,and One can't control their sexual arousal,in all Reality ,one has" Lost Control of Their own Thoughts" - "Yet through Self-Actualization work ",one can get control!

We have been Suppressed so Long, it is going take some Work, to get out of the Mess,we have Socially created.-my opinion

It's un-natural,to see nudity in it's self,(free of sexual projections)…..as anything other then "Natural"


                   Why so many can't separate nudity from sex?

“A lot people from the church have sent me letters about God and stuff like that. But I tell them God was the first man of naturism. He and Adam and Eve were all naked on Earth,” says de Man, taking the criticism rather pragmatically. True — at least until the couple donned their first fig leaves, provoking centuries of subsequent debate.

“Nudity is definitely not shocking or even arousing,” says Mandy Servais, a customer at Amsterdam’s Sauna Deco, in a robe wrapped loosely around her body, which for all intents and purposes, was naked, as Dutch saunas are visited in the buff. Says Servais, who has frequented saunas since she was a teen, “I think as a society we’re very simple and take a practical approach to sex and nudity. We think that everything that exists is normal so there’s no need to make a fuss. We’re not really occupied with what others think.”-Why Are Americans Afraid of Being Naked?/ alternet.org

Excerpt from: "A Few of the Many Ways We Distort Reality"

Sometimes you let myths govern your responses. Imagine you’re at work. You see a man with a few tears running down his cheeks. If you believe that tears are a sign of weakness, you’ll perceive the gentleman differently than if you believe that expression of feelings is healthy or a sign of sensitivity. You may have the judgment without even thinking of the reason you are making it.

Consider writing down your beliefs about friendships, the opposite sex, relationships or any area of conflict you might have. Then consider whether you are behaving according to rules and expectations that are actually myths!.

I do believe nudity is a form of personal transparency,yet I can't explain exactly. Nudity imposes a certain degree of Humility and vulnerability.

I do know ever since a young boy.I have loved to escape to the woods,fields to be Nude.

     maybe it has been a way to escape " civilization ", I know I never wish to see people,though if they don't mind, that is great,

         I do know, because it has been surpressed for so long as "offensive ", it is socially constructed to be just that! ,thus it is taken              as a "Daring thing", it can be thus used as a means of " expression " be it in a constructive way or a destructive way.

         As a long-time Artist's Model, I know very much, it is NOT a form of sexual excitement.

         I used to think in my mind , modeling was or is a form of " revealing of self " now I believe for me, there always has been a                  element of revealing my " Femininity ". I do recall thinking I liked it cause " men don't do this, thus I want to ",not wanting to do            what so called " real men do ".

          I think in myself,the is a element "Subconscious" rebelling against social construct. yet I have never thought                               consciously in nudity for that purpose,,"  I just Love being Nude when I can "
        ♥  I often have thought "posing nude" a form of desensitization  ,revealing myself as different, a "very feminine person "                   without directly revealing myself to be " truly feminine "..doing something most males wouldn't consider.


To understand the term "ideal feminine", we need to understand what femininity is. “It embodies a constellation of meanings, it generally refers to the attributes, behaviors, interests, mannerisms, appearances, roles, and expectations that we have come to associate with being female during the socialization processes. Gender role socialization relies on modeling and reinforcement – girls and women learn and internalize socially expected and acceptable feminine traits and behaviors and are rewarded for gender-appropriate behavior.” [62] The Psychology of Women Quarterly also mentions that there are numerous psychological problems that are related to femininity among women and adolescent girls. The social construct of femininity has adverse effects on women. What is lacking in current research of femininity is "a tool that allows for understanding women's subjective femininity experiences and assessing their relationships to women's psychological health."[62] What was later developed was the Subjective Femininity Stress Scale (SFSS), a scale that measures women's experiences of being female and to rate the levels of stress they may feel associated with their feminine experiences. We also know that "feminine norms from the dominant culture are insidiously powerful and pervasive and are likely to influence every woman living in American society [...] empirical evidence suggests that current studies on femininity (i.e. traits, role norms, gender role stress) may not fully capture the experiences of women from diverse backgrounds."[62] -wikipedia

I love posing "Feminine" whether completely nude or dressed as this

Nudity for myself is not ,in it's self the problem ,it's what the Observer ,mentally projects on what one sees.

      A concern of mine is "Are we becoming so Socially Constructed,it has become Toxic and we are becoming "unadaptable to see         things in their true Context?"  Completely controlled by " Pre-Concieved Notions"

     I believe the Nudity thing ,is a very,very Good Model of what a distorted moral construct can do by way of suppression,by                    suppressing something,ones doesn't ,try to learn of,study why etc. it is hidden away, brewing to surface in distorted                              ways,negative ways.

    ♥  We must remember we can't blame Society,or anyone,,yet We can say to the next Generation "don't do as we have Done "

excerpts from ; ↑  " Can people unlearn their naked shame? "


Social contract

"All around the world individuals feel great shame when they know that others know that they have failed to be adequately modest," Prof Fessler says. "Essentially, they're signalling to those around them 'I understand what the social norm is and I understand that you know that I have failed in this regard, so please don't hurt me.'

"Nudity is a threat to the basic social contract.

 They have exposed their body and their sexual selves in a way that presents an opportunity for sexual behaviour outside of the principal union." -       this maybe,  in my opinion,. is where the trouble begins-me ; the inability to be aware of difference!

But as this code of conduct is something we learn, rather than are born with, we can re-learn it, if common consensus allows. As Phil reflected: "One thing I think I'll take away is how easy it was to bond with complete strangers in what should really be an artificial environment and one that by all society's standards we should feel uncomfortable with."

Below is a selection of your comments.

1. It seems obvious to me. Humans invented clothes - at first simple animal skins, to protect them from the environment (cold mostly). Then, as we got better at making clothes and invented weaving etc, we became able to make clothes better fitting and began to make them more elaborate and ornate. Soon, clothes became a symbol of status - the more powerful you were the more able you were to have better clothes made for you. If having very good clothes was a symbol of status or honour, then wearing no clothes became a symbol of poverty and shame.
Tim , Cardiff

2. For over 25 years I have enjoyed nothing more than being naked on naturist beaches and in the privacy of my garden. I do however have great respect for those who are offended by nudity and while I am not at all ashamed of my body, I would hate to offend anyone. I also believe those who flaunt their nudity are inconsiderate and selfish.
Brian, Waterford 

3. In some countries it is normal to be nude in a sauna together with complete strangers and the normal accepted behaviour can be completely reversed: if somebody joins a group of naked people inside the sauna and is dressed (bathrobe, swimming costume) this is regarded as being outside the norm and can be embarrassing for the dressed person.
Martin, Liverpool 

4. Sexual harassment is bad enough as it is. If I walked around naked, I'd be wolf-whistled on every street.
Karen, London

I guess my response would be,,,and only truth I can find different from any above is simply is not the "Norm", also was it a development of " Shame ".?
 as well as Envy

                                                                                           1998 poses

            I just have wondered why nudity is so taboo, so offensive, almost as though are we afraid of who we really are ?.

                     1.  Is it automatic,that we associate, with sex ?

                     2. Yet when I am posing for artists,there is nothing sexual about it. least for myself, and I believe most artists. I have                                posed for

                     3. Is it so socially constructed in our minds, most people can't free themselves ?

                                                                                 Clothes as Costume

excerpt from ; bitsandbobbins.com 

i invite you to think long and hard about what drives you to dress a certain way, what motivates you to get dressed each and every day.
what are you trying to express to the world via the clothes you wear?


some feel that dressing oneself is fundamentally about sex or sexuality, that what we wear is mostly influenced by the desire to attract a mate, or to continue to please the lover we may already have.
do you feel that is that true? do we put clothes on our bodies ONLY to appear attractive to others in a sexual way? is that the be-all, end-all ultimate end game in aesthetic self-expression?
or, is the sexuality/self-expression connection claimed by some too simple, too narrow of a supposition to explain our sartorial motivations?


could it be that wanting to appear sexy is, or could be, merely ONE of a myriad of things people want to express through the clothing they choose to wear?
perhaps are we trying to express OTHER things when we get dressed every day.
could it be that the motivations behind dressing oneself, behind each and every ensemble, are numerous?
i believe that people choose to dress a certain way in order to express a vast number of different ideas or intentions. a few, paltry examples (to which you could add to via comments, if you were so inclined!):
-they may want to appear smart or educated -they want to be seen as someone with taste (sophisticated or 'cultured') -they want to appear different, set themselves away from the "crowd (whatever that crowd may be) -they want others to see they are trendy, i.e. keeping up with the latest trends, running with the current crowd and it's zeitgeist -they may want to appear rich, or perhaps the complete opposite, someone to whom expensive things mean nothing -they may wear things that are strictly utilitarian: their clothes may be a uniform, that may facilitate or compliment their profession or an activity in which they participate -others may want to appear as if they belong to a certain subculture -for still others, modesty may be a big consideration (due to religious or cultural concerns) -and of course, as mentioned above, some may want to appear sexual, or sexy, whatever that means for a person and the type of person they are seeking to attract.
one or several of these things may be at play in why we create and wear a given outfit, depending on the person and the setting (culture, geographic location, etc.) in which they find themselves.
perhaps there more reasons not even mentioned here that are at play. or maybe none of those mentioned or unmentioned are at play at all. 

perhaps something else motivates us to wear what we choose to wear?
maybe getting dressed on a given day is also influenced by situational factors...
sometimes, as humans, we appear or seem to dress a certain way in certain situations to express a particular feeling, to somehow fit in, or meet certain expectations. we might change our style to accommodate other outside influences or factors. we might change our look slightly or put any desire to be ourselves in check.
i can see a person making an effort to dress differently (than their personal norm) in any of the following situations (again, surely there are other examples):
-when going on a job interview -when attending a church service, temple, or other religious space -when meeting a mate's parents or family -when working at a conservative office or place of employment -when attending a wedding, a ceremony, or other formal, organized event
does the event or location to which one is going motivate their aesthetic choices, color what they choose to don that day? or does it not matter or figure in at all?


and what about bodily concerns?
we might wear clothing in a certain way in order to strategically conceal or reveal certain areas or draw attention to a certain part, or away from another part. one can use layering and mixing of certain pieces of clothing or the addition or placement of accoutrements to draw others eyes in one's intended direction.
-some want to appear larger/smaller in general, or may want to have certain areas appear large/smaller (bust, hips, legs, waist, shoulders, you name it) -again, covering the body in general, or parts of it, for modesty concerns (religious cultural...thinking of things like head scarves, long skirts, concealing the wrists or ankles) -revealing parts of the body for cultural/religious concerns (thinking of indigenous tribes around the world who might say, reveal the breasts as a suggestion of femininity or fertility)


in thinking critically about what people in general may consider motivations for their self-expression, i have of course also put some thought into what my personal motivations are in expressing myself through clothing, i.e. why i dress the way i do. so, i'll spill them!

                                          With the male nude , I have often wondered is it the Penis is offensive, if so , why?

                                          Due to the Sexual aspect of ?

By this time 2007 I had become celibate, after 6 years of promiscuous sex with many,many men in my female role, I think it was something I had to go through / experience, in order to realize my role / sexual orientation was truly the female role, the great need to feel feminine for myself . Still the Penis was offensive to me, I wanted not to look masculine, I still was posing for Art Classes, and I remember at this time thinking how nice it would to pose not having a penis, I remember thinking or was more concerned how the female artist students would take seeing me without a penis, would it be offensive, sure I figured shock at first, yet that occurred when I started shaving myself smooth in 1998.I think most all the students as well as professional artists felt I was fairly feminine in nature.

Painting like this pleases me, as I see people doing something very natural, in nature not being harmed, safe from distort sick humans
april 2019 first poses of years-warm enough

         Nudity has always held some Symbolic meaning to me, as of yet I honestly have not come to be able to clearly define.

              Many Questions have passed through my mind what is it ?. Why was I so drawn to posing nude for Art Classes ?

        Examples ;

                              My gender identity confusion / why have I always felt I should be Female ?, thus wanted to be.

                              Sense of Freedom from preconceived restraints of social construct.

                              A form of meditation

                             A measure of degree of how advanced / civilized a society is,by it's ability to accept / see nudity in it's pure form.

                                 (which United States I feel is dangerously surpressed / distorted)

      Questions I think that by posing nude has lead me to inquiry into ;

                            ♦ Why is the " Penis " so offensive , when a male is nude, compared to a female.


               I have often wondered what Spencer Tunick's desire is for his photography, why he does what he does ?


                                                                           Collective Nudity- (as Herd,group)

Spencer Tunick / photographer

One thing I think that might makes myself different then most males, is I love looking at beautiful nude females, not because of sexual attraction, but because I admire, and fancy looking like they do, and always have, where as certain beautiful nude males I am sexually attracted to.

I myself , if seeing him would like to ask him for a date

                                                        I'm glad to see YouTube is allowing " Artistic nudity "