Objectives of this Site

    1. I hope to show why the study of the Arts is so important,beyond important it is essential to a growing ,thriving culture.

        2. To show how, by not embodying the Arts,in everyday life,not understanding the arts for the "True Form" which they hold, we have greatly neglected each individuals ,very Humanity.

        3. How the United States has become so   O u t    of Balance as a "Form", due to taking the path of  Mass production, thus huge corporate power, thus apathy toward the individual, small business,small town,,bigger is better,more money faster,etc.


         4. Maybe partly this is my way of paying back to those whom truly helped me, that is for my chance at a second chance.  Two years in Salvation Army's addiction recovery center-Detroit Mi, ,for alcohol addiction.

          5. The need to have many more facility similar to Salvation Army's..it is called Work/therapy treatment,it involves, 8 hour's work each day(5 days a week),in first 6 months 4 hours of classroom teaching in CBT, spiritual guidance.


            6. As research and contemplation for my Writing "Pre-Concieved Notions and Beyond Cheifdom"

                7. To show that a Great government should embody, Great teachings in Arts,Humanities,Science,Justice,health care,all. " Instead the U.S government seems to be decaying to  appear, more in a "Form", like a GREAT organized crime  syndicate"