Open "mind-ness"

Try to imagine....If you are all alone in the wilderness,have been for sometime,,,Do you need to be Open-minded?

Is open minded ness a Social need? yet do we need to be open minded with our own self's to calm our ego's ?

Our brain looks like a sponge,maybe for a reason,,or maybe we just need to see it that way. I truthly believe our brains are capable of truly great thing,,things..we can't even imagine at the moment,,so we must over come comparative thinking (or this-is-like-that thinking) is the process of using what is more familiar to make interpretations, explanations, or inferences about what is less familiar. familiarity, in the evaluation of comparisons, 

Our ego's want to compare what has been done,what something did look like,or should look like

Points we have to address about being "Open minded"

1.  Conformity  like it not if you are a "conformist "..need to get out of that "club" as fast as you can

Terms to be aware of