Opinions and Bias are simply "Pre-Concieved Notions"

"We are forming opinions,like they are going out of style"-me

         example: someone says to you " I was climbing trees this weekend, then asks you " What did you do?"

             1. you most likely imagined this person climbing, in what your opinion of a Tree is.
             2. yet unless you first ask them something like " what is a tree ",you don't really know what they climbed,or even if you know                    what climbing is to them,so your assuming your idea of climbing and a tree are at least similar.

         If they say Oak tree,and in your mind you invisioned a apple tree,to a degree your bias toward the Apple tree,simply                            because that was your "first thought"

         Now in a weeks time,someone else mentions some thing about Oak trees,while talking to you,you can almost bet,the idea of               that person climbing the tree,will pop in your mind  A Pre-Concieved Notion was just formed in your mind.

A long time ago,after reading/studying Betty Edwards book "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain".I was hit by the Idea of Pre-Concieved Notions,after seeing how she taught students to draw by turning things upside down,thus seeing a object as "New" and not pre-conceived  , and how dramatically the students drawing improved!

This is one think that is needed to " Live in the Now", this is why I try so hard to show how " Plato's Cave" and why,it is so important to learn and be aware of " being stuck in the Cave, due to our pre-conceived Notions. And the Heraclitus's "Everything changes and nothing remains still ... and ... you cannot step twice into the same stream".

To be stuck in old belief's and opinions,is Non-Growth


                                                                      Bias Scenarios___________________________________________________________

8/7/ 2019

Scenario ;

                                              "  Imagine your Role is to be a Judge, that is what society pays you to Do !,

                                               Once you take that " Role ", your "Biased " by the Laws you must up hold.

                                                                               Where did those Laws come from ? "


  Imagine your a Trans person like myself (one aspect being highly desires surgery to replace penis with a vagina );


                    " If suddenly science claims to have made this surgery ;  much easier,free of need of any hormone use,

                                                                 I am going to be very interested in it ,

                                                          Yet I have to be very aware I am " Favoring it ",

                                                                        I Want it to be True ! ".

                                                    We may not have Free Will, yet we can be " Aware of our thoughts "

                                                  How Does the Ingroup Bias Work?

                                                                                                                                       (tribal / purple stage ? )

If you have ever attended a sporting event, then you have probably witnessed something known as the ingroup bias first-hand. People engage in a variety of fervent, loud, and boisterous support of their own team and express their dislike and disdain for the opposing team. They favor the members of those who they view as part of their team, including the players and their fellow fans, while at the same time disparaging anyone who is outside of their group.

This ingroup favoritism results in strong “us vs. them” feelings that can cause people to treat those in the outgroup quite differently than those in the ingroup. - explorepsychology.com

                                                                  Your  Opinion  is like your " Camp "

                                                      Say you are a early explorer, looking for the Truth,

                                                               you have been on a long hard  journey,

                                                        Tired,night is coming, so you select a camp site,

                                                       The following morning when setting off, to explore,

                                                 You find, just on the other side of the hill you camped on,

                                                                             There you find Truth,

                                                              What if you had never explored the other side of that hill?

                                                                            And made that Camp your " Home "