Oxytocin and Attraction

                            Free Will, how can we have it ?,

                                                                                    when Designed by Nature,

                                                                                        and under it's Force, 

                                                                                  yet we can guide this force,

                                                                                           → is my thought

                          I do very much agree with Robert Sapolsky, in that the criminal justice system is primitive / outdated, 

                             1. at lower level non-violent crimes it is based on a " Fining system ", pay the fine, your free to go, 

                                                       "never have to address the Anti-social behavior you have"

                                                       even speeding is " anti-social " , to live as a social creature.

                                                                      We are not Alone, on our little planet !

                                         If we spent the time and money on studying these people whom are " hindered",

                                          instead of , paying lawyers,judges and all that goes with law enforcement.

                                                                              Only then can we move ahead


For example ; 

                            Dawn Maslar's Ted talk video above shows that " Love " is very much biological, driven by Natures forces.

                                                   One of my interests in writing about my theory / model of the " Indigo club ",

                                                       is that myself and all the Donor men and their female partners(wives)


                                                be researched, tested with most modern methods, as to whats going on in our brains,

                                                     (Dawn Maslar says above " once men marry, their testosterone should drop)

                                                    however if the men are being sexually pleasured by me,what happens to them ?,


                                                                            The studies show   Oxytocin is found in semen ;


                                                   Thus if at the end of the day , say 10 donor men have ejaculated up inside me,

                                                                                       how does it effect me ?, 

                                                                 There are many things that can be learned, that why,

                                We have got to start being Creative, drop the " pre-concieved notions " and move ahead !


                 Nature holds so many mysteries / yet clues too!  waiting to be explored, how could anyone get boarded

                                                       Self-inquiry is asking yourself why am I doing what I am doing ?;

                                            I think there should be a class, by at least 4 or 5th grade called ; Self-inquiry