Posing for Artists


                                                         " Being -Part- of group whom all have a common interest "

                                                                " Being able to be in a " Role " well suited for me "

Since 1997, when I started posing nude for Life Drawing classes the passion for posing has grown , evolved . I think taking part in a creative, meditative process with others, helping them improve their ability , is a great thing for myself. I also have come to greatly  appreciate the beauty of the Pose it's self, by others, as well as poses I create, I study in my mind, " Why does one pose seem so pleasing, while another does not " etc.


  I believe the ability to draw, and draw well, is based on the ability to overcome one's own preconceived notions, to see reality as reality is, to pay Attention, be focused on the task at hand, and unhindered by social dogma,norms. To be able to enter into the type of  of meditation state (engaging the right hemisphere of brain) required to see in a Big Picture view, to not assume, but see as is, thus for myself to pose, I need to pose as I am, and that is as a Transfeminine type person, as it is a reality, whether or not society accepts or not is beyond my control, yet from my research Transfeminie type people are as important to, and have been a part of humanity since to beginning, simply a minority.

1997 class

    Now, due to fact that I have accepted myself as a Transfeminine person, I only like to pose in the manner which reflects that

6/13/2019 posing

                            Now the heading on this above poster would say " Transfeminine Model " instead of " Male model ";

                            as I now don't see myself as male or female, yet as Third-gender, a division between male/female.

without a doubt, if I could, I'd love to really look similar to the above image, and pose for classes


                                                The videos below I made downloadable for free at vimeo

                                                  The below videos are at archive.org.; free to download

                                                                             How I always wished I looked

                All my years of posing I should been calling myself ,not a male model, but a Third-gender, transfeminine model


          For long as I can remember , I've want to be like the Catwalk/runway models

I'd love to be a Cat Walk model in a TransFeminine fashion show

A Transfeminine Cat Walk fashion show Model

Now, having accepted I am 100% female roled male, I think it would very helpful to society to understanding the variations of third-gender. the understanding that many might desire gender comfirmation surgery, yet for many reasons, surgery isn't a option. And even though I've always dreamed of having a vagina, and not a penis, it isn't a option.

                                                                                      I thought this a great idea 

                                                        Early 2000's poses