Public shaming as tool for improving un-desired behavior

An egalitarian society can be defined as one which looks after its poor and treats them with dignity, actively discourages all forms of discrimination, widely shares the benefits of rising national productivity, allows its workers an adequate say in the workplace on matters affecting their wellbeing, and strives hard to achieve 'equality of starting opportunity'

I for example , got a DUI in 2010 for driving under the influence of alcohol, I should of been " Publicly shamed " I deserved to be !


for example I shouldn't be publicly shamed for being Third-gender type, a transfeminine person, where my role sexually is to be like a female. As it is the way Nature made me, and it is my way. (whether by psychology trauma or biological mechanics)


                Yet "Indiscriminately" shaming ( Demonizing)

                       causes great harm to self and the ones targeted