Robert Henri / Artist and Teacher

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Kinda of a Form of Bible for myself, I posed for many years as a Artists Model, I had one college class I especially loved, so I bought a copy of Art Spirit, and presented to the class as a gift, The Art Professor, years before remembered ,he had read it, yet had forgotten the great philosopher/teacher the book revealed, The college Art Professor, then said ,Now I will read to the class,now and for every class some excerpts,prior to us sketching...the inspiration it brought,,could be felt through out that class.

From my view , I would say Robert Henri could be a example of the mostly highly developed Spiritual / self-actualized type person ,I have ever related to, and in essense the book "The Art Spirit "..is a simply a different form or concept of a bible, or a way of living. I can stress enough this book isn't in it's Soul, about teaching one to paint a picture etc. It's about learning to live, so one might even be able to paint a picture- if one hasn't read this book, then keep it as one might a bible, read it over and over, then again.                                         "One has missed experiencing,or missing some great Wisdom"

To the point, we could take copies of this book, put it next to the Bible,in every pew,in every church,in every town in America,read from it Sundays,in equal Amount. I am certain, you would be amazed of the Results...I know, I did just this at A church group.-me

For example next time you go to Art Gallery, have in your mind, "Not to judge what you see as good,neat,cool etc., look at for example as though you where there as the Artist or part of the Scene,the model, what was the time of day,the weather,what was that moment like- A state of Deep Empathy, a state one can be in in every moment of Life, yet Attention,time,desire are required.

I think Robert Henri was as much trying to Teach "Desire" more then anything, Knowing until one has desire, nothing can occur.

                                    How do we create Desire, then nuture it, make a place for it to be nutured ?

                                   "Comparable only to the notes of Leonardo and Sir Joshua." — George Bellows

                                                                     Quotes of Roberi Henri

Over the last 20 years I have given maybe a dozen copies of " The Art Spirit " ,mainly to those whom did not think of themselves Artist,.May I remain the book is about Living, not technique, in a way it can be related to by any human being. -me

                                   “I am always sorry for the Puritan, for he guided his life against desire and against nature. He found what he thought was comfort, for he believed the spirit's safety was in negation, but he has never given the world one minute's joy or produced one symbol of the beautiful order of nature. He sought peace in bondage and his spirit became a prisoner.”
Robert Henri, The Art Spirit: Notes, Articles, Fragments of Letters and Talks to Students, Bearing on the Concept and Technique of Picture Making, the Study of Art 

                                  “you will never find yourself unless you quit preconceiving what you will be when you have found yourself.”
Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

                                   “You form a society: that limits you. Adopt a name, and you've limited yourself again; draw up a constitution and bylaws and you've made a groove, a rut, that hampers your growth. You think you can fix your course and move straight along it. But sometimes the important thing is to strike out sidewise.”
Robert Henri 

                                    “The work of the art student is no light matter. Few have the courage and stamina to see it through. You have to make up your mind to be alone in many ways. We like sympathy and we like to be in company. It is easier than going it alone. But alone one gets acquainted with himself, grows up and on, not stopping with the crowd. It costs to do this. If you succeed somewhat you may have to pay for it as well as enjoy it all your life.”
Robert Henri, The Art Spirit: Notes, Articles, Fragments of Letters and Talks to Students, Bearing on the Concept and Technique of Picture Making, the Study of Art 

                                   “In every human being there is the artist, and whatever his activity, he has an equal chance with any to express the result of his growth and his contact with life. I don't believe any real artist cares whether what he does is 'art' or not. Who, after all, knows what art is?” 

                                   “Be game--take a chance--don't hide behind veils and veils of discretion... Go forward with what you have to say, expressing things as you see them. You are new evidence, fresh and young. Your work, the spirit of youth, you are the progress of human evolution. If age dulls you it will be time enough then to be ponderous and heavy--or quit. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to be young, to continue growing--not to settle and accept.” 

                                   “I have no sympathy with the belief that art is the restricted province of those who paint, sculpt, make music and verse. I hope we will come to an understanding that the material used is only incidental, that there is artist in every man; and that to him the possibility of development and of expression and the happiness of creation is as much a right and as much a duty to himself, as to any of those who work in the especially ticketed ways.” 

                                    “Beauty is no material thing. Beauty cannot be copied. Beauty is the sensation of pleasure on the mind of the seer. No thing is beautiful. But all things await the sensitive and imaginative mind that may be aroused to pleasurable emotion at sight of them. This is beauty.”
Robert Henri, The Art Spirit 

                              “I have heard it very often said that an artist does not need intelligence, that his is the province of the soul” 

                                    “Through art mysterious bonds of understanding and of knowledge are established among men. They are the bonds of a great Brotherhood. Those who are of the Brotherhood know each other, and time and space cannot separate them. The Brotherhood is powerful. It has many members. They are of all places and of all times. The members do not die. One is member to the degree that he can be member, no more, no less. And that part of him that is of the Brotherhood does not die. The work of the Brotherhood does not deal with surface events. Institutions on the world surface can rise and become powerful and they can destroy each other. Statesmen can put patch upon patch to make things continue to stand still. No matter what may happen on the surface the Brotherhood goes steadily on. It is the evolution of man. Let the surface destroy itself, the Brotherhood will start it again. For in all cases, no matter how strong the surface institutions become, no matter what laws may be laid down, what patches may be made, all change that is real is due to the Brotherhood.” 

                              ♥     “All my life I have refused to be for or against parties, for or against nations, for or against people. I never seek novelty or the eccentric; I do not go from land to land to contrast civilizations. I seek only, wherever I go, for symbols of greatness, and as I have already said, they may be found in the eyes of a child, in the movement of a gladiator, in the heart of a gypsy, in twilight in Ireland or in moonrise over the deserts. To hold the spirit of greatness is in my mind what the world was created for. The human body is beautiful as this spirit shines through, and art is great as it translates and embodies this spirit.” 

                                  “Beauty is an intangible thing; can not be fixed on the surface, and the wear and tear of old age on the body 

  cannot defeat it.” 

                                   “The more simply you see, the more simply you will render. People see too much, scatteringly.” 

                                   “In these times there is a powerful demarcation between the surface and the deep currents of human development. Events and upheavals, which seem more profound than they really are, are happening on the surface. But there is another and deeper change in progress. It is of long, steady persistent growth, very little affected and not at all disturbed by surface conditions. The artist of today should be alive to this deeper evolution on which all growth depends, has depended and will depend. On the surface there is the battle of institutions, the illustration of events, the strife between peoples. On the surface there is propaganda and there is the effort to force opinions. The deeper current carries no propaganda. The shock of the surface upheaval does not deflect it from its course. It is in search of fundamental principle; that basic principle of all, which in degree as it is apprehended points the way to beauty and order, and to the law of nature.” 

                                 “Water runs down hill concisely. There is no quibbling about it. It does not have to run up hill in order to be entertaining. Man has always followed its course with fascination. The soul of man may reveal its mysteries through direct expression, simple speech, simple gesture, simple painting, just as the soul of the brook is expressed in full simplicity and economy.”
Robert Henri 

                             “We read books. They make us think. It matters very little whether we agree with the books or not.”