I thing the important thing for "Trans people" is knowing what role they are playing

                                   Are they sexual attracted to females or males and what role are those individuals playing 

Sexual Inversion

Sexual inversion was a nineteenth-century theory of homosexuality best described by the pioneering sexologist Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825–1895) as anima muliebris virili corpore incluse, or, a woman's soul confined within a man's body. In the nineteenth century, sexual inversion, homosexuality, and antipathic sexuality were interchangeable terms. The "inversion" in sexual inversion referred to the inverted, or upside-down, quality of a body that did not reflect the "true" essence of its possessor. The truth of the invert was inside rather than on the surface; thus a male invert was "really" a woman, and should be allowed to express a female gender, and a female invert was "really" a man, and should be allowed to dress and live as one.

Inversion also referred to the ways in which such bodies inverted the laws of nature, which supposedly decreed that male bodies should desire female sexual partners instead of male ones, and vice versa. The theory of sexual inversion maintained conventional categories of sexuality and gender and did not allow one to be divided from the other. Inversion meant that a man's homosexual desires, effeminacy, or both did not challenge masculine gender or heterosexual sexual norms; rather, a perfectly normal heterosexual woman with a feminine gender was trapped inside him, yearning to come out.encyclopedia.com

Like the above states rather, a perfectly normal heterosexual woman with a feminine gender was trapped inside him, yearning to come out."  I've never thought of having sex with men in my female role as being not correct, or odd, or strange, it seems 100% right, and acting like a female when with a male sexual partner, always has come naturally to me.

Thus for myself, when I am with a man for sexual purposes, it is very important that I be as " Feminine for him as I can ", ask him to try to simply treat me like he would a lady, because that is how I feel, the Role I need to be in. - me

excerpt from 

" Male-to-feminine transsexuals: classic sexual inversion"   (very much fits myself best as far as feelings,traits, yet not as extreme                                                                                                                    as some Male-to-feminine transsexuals )

MtF transsexuals seem to be universally hostile to the idea of sex with women or with other transsexuals. In fact, they are famous for dumping boyfriends who exhibit any ‘gay tendencies’. Don Kulick and others have observed that, amongst Brazilian travestis (the local name for pre-operative transsexuals), a girl may pester her boyfriend insistently to let her penetrate him and then, if he does, immediately dump him, having proven him to be a ‘maricona’ after all. Since a maricona (faggot) is a woman exactly as the TS is, that is, having been born male, with a sexual inversion, a continued relationship with him would be regarded by the girl as lesbian – something she would not be prepared to countenance.

Starting at about 7:30 Rod explains non-homosexual transsexuals, very important in regards to innate need to be penetrated or impregnated by men such as been my life-long feeling / need. Rod is very clear that this type of person is not sexually transsexual, and their desire is to " Look " female or have body like a female yet not to take sexual role of a female, where as myself, my greatest need is to take the sexual role of that of a female, two very distinct,different mind-sets.

Again Rod states at about 11: 35,  All HSTS transsexuals male to females are " Femininized men ", then goes on to state very few 

  "GRS" surgeries are done (vaginoplasty), we as what I call " Female-roled-male", get our Affirmation for sex role by being                    penetrated by Men, and Straight men. And like myself a great need for Affirmation, thus need to be penetrated a lot !

From my point of view , in relating to following excerpt from ;  allabouthsts.com


Sexuality is a much-misunderstood concept. It is at the core of each of us. It defines the kind f sex we want to have and with whom and how we want to have it. In nearly all cases, sexuality maps directly on to sex. Sexuality, therefore, is described in the same terms as sex, that is, male and female.

However, for some people this is not the case. Their sexuality is not aligned with their sex. Males, in this case, might have a sexuality that more closely resembles the one normally found in females. They might be sexually (1) and romantically attracted to masculine males. A similar phenomenon occurs in females.

We call this phenomenon ‘transgender homosexuality’ after its use by Dr J Michael Bailey in his book ‘The Man Who Would Be Queen.’ This is not the same usage as yu might have heard elsewhere. Transgender homosexuality is an innate form of homosexuality which typically appears in childhood. Such individuals will be gender non-conforming (GNC). That is, their behaviours and preferences will be more like what we might expect to see in children of the opposite sex.

This can begin to be observable as early as two years of age. Crucially, at some point also in childhood, the individual will begin to have same-sex crushes. These are vague romantic feelings which most children experience, senses of longing or desire. They are usually not sexual, but they are proto-erotic in that they will crystallise into the adult sexuality over time.(2)

Sexuality is made up of many factors, including birth sex, since, after all, it is with our sexual organs that we can enjoy the pleasure of sex. But it is also formed by desire, with whom we would like to enjoy sex and romance, and also by our sense of self. That is, how we envision ourselves in our sexual and romantic relations with the targets of our desires.

Again, for most of us, this all fits nicely with the sex we were born as. But for some of us this is simply not the case. These are the transgender homosexuals. So sexuality is quite complex but devolves, essentially, to ‘aligned to birth sex’, ‘aligned to the opposite sex’ and somewhere in between. These last are bisexual.

Now if you were a boy who desired men, and who desired to play the role of woman in sex, then you would have a female sexuality. But as we have seen, sense of self is important. If you have female sexuality and also feel more comfortable as a girl, then, in addition to childhood GNC, you might exhibit childhood Gender Dysphoria, which is a persistent and insistent identification with the opposite sex. In other words, you not only want same-sex partners, you want to be the opposite sex. Childhood GD is a reliable indicator of adult HSTS. - ( for myself, I have always defined myself to men I've had sex with, " I am female roled sexually, very feminine sexually " ) -me

     I myself have become mostly interested in ; " How did the Female-Roled-male evolve, and why,

                                                       to fit what Role ?

The Dilemma here is ; 

A Female-Roled-male (HSTS) type person like myself wants Straight men to " bone " them, impregnate them................Yet Straight men need to impregnate "true Females"

   I do know my desire to be in female sexual role, has been life long desire, yet do not know why.

  ♦ A symptom that clearly made me confront my need to be in the Female-role sexually, or                     presented to me the Fact that I could no longer suppress my need to be a sexual mate for a man,

   and that I must adopt the Female role, and start pleasuring men as though I am female. 

                                                " Need to be treated Lady-like"

                        That Symptom was " Need for my female partner to Cuckold me "

                                                          A urge so strong, it was as though by Instinct

                                 To degree I was very willing to let another male impregnate my female partner,

                                  then help raise the child whom he fathered with same care, as if my own child.

                                 I very much was willing to be in Female role for him sexually, desired to be.

                                 Very willing to no longer have sex with my female partner ever again, and allow

                                                        him and her to take roles of husband and wife.

                                            Like in wolf pack those two would be Alpha Female and Alpha male

In Essense, by having desire to be a Cuckold,and desire for men to impregnate me(a desire I could never overcome) showed me that my role can't be Male roled for a female, and very much should no longer try to be !

                                                                   Great video of Nature, about group Roles

                                       The very reason, I was compelled to write " Terrace "

   In a nut shell , Terrace is about a male whom is sexually Female-roled (myself),

                                      whom has a life long male friend (William), whom has always know,accepted that I am Female-roled, and                                             thus, due to that friendship, and wish to help keep myself safe, and fulfill my need to be in female-role,

                                      William routinely impregnates me, and allows me to perform fellatio on him. 

                                              (William is a non-homosexual ,Straight male and provides sex for me in a Altruistic way )

                                      Then I being a Artist model, meet a wonderful female artist (Jodi)whom I begin modeling privately for her at                                           her home ,which then soon leads to moving into a guest house on her estate, 

                                      Her and I form a very strong Platonic love, and soon I reveal to her that I am a Female-roled-male, as well as                                       tell her of the situation with William, she wishs to meet William, which leads to Jodi and William falling in love,

                                      getting married, yet it is a relationship where William and I continue as we always had sexually, thus a form of                                       a polyandry type relationship, yet Jodi's and mine is strictly Platonic. 

                                     Jodi soon becomes pregnant with Williams child, I am there to equally help with the child and all family duties.

                                                                 For myself ,this is Ideal for who I am


                                             ♥   Empathy / Altruism in Straight Men for Female-roled males

I also believe many of the Men whom used to " Bone me " did in part for Altruistic reasons ", many even would say to me things like;

      " I know that's what you really want, so I will fuck you bare and cum in you, even though it's kinda to much gay like"

      or even say " I will try to find some good, safe, fit guys whom might like fucking you"  which they often did.

                               This occurred often where I had been routinely been performing fellatio on a man for awhile,

                                got to know him, and really like him thus, now desired him to start penetrating me anally and receive his semen.

                                Often, after requesting this of him, he might say No, yet after pestering him, begging him like!, he would.

                                              Another reason I think the Indigo group idea, is a very feasible ,safe solution for high sex drive

                                              Female-roled males like myself.

me getting impregnated

                        A very good thing for myself is; I clearly know my sexual role now !, and love being a Female-roled male  

                                                            Just as I loved being a girly-boyfriend for boys at age 13,

                                          There is a button  below " signs of childrens pre-homosexual traits ", My question is;

                                                    What if your child shows signs of being homosexual ?, 

                                                                              What on Earth are you going to do ?

                                                                           Do you really think, it can be changed ?

                        Yet in reality I was never Fit to ever have sex with females, have children, yet because society

                         can't accept , shame being a Female-roled male, I tried to conform, be a real man, act like a real man

                         when all along I only desired to have sex like I am a female !....This is where Social ideas go to far !

                         Especially since history shows " Trans people have always existed ", and from my life experience, I only desired

                         to be a Real Man's "girly-boyfriend", tried changing that desire, and very much can not.

                 And with Terrace , indigo group, or other types of polyandry type Female with multiple man partners relationships  

                                    with these ideas I seek solutions, truths only, at same time facing Reality.

                     While so many bang their heads on the wall screaming it's a Sin, condemn and have no ideas ,no solutions.

exerpt from ; can my child change ↑

   Can your child change? Yes, but maybe not in the way you expect.

These gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual sons and daughters can grow distant from you. They can become unsure of themselves. They can feel hurt and bitter towards you and even towards God. They can live in fear and isolation that someone may learn their secret and condemn them. They become sad without the love and acceptance of the people most important to them--their parents.

Your children long for your understanding, yet they fear you will stone them, and unless they change their ways, you will drive them from home and from your hearts.

Can your child change? Can they go from being homosexual to heterosexual? No, this is not possible. Perhaps some can live like a heterosexual for a time, but their desires remain, even when they insist to you that they do not. And almost always they will end up feeling miserable and unfulfilled, hurting others along the way.
A more important question may be, Can Parents Change? Many parents can change their ideas about gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people. They can learn new ideas. They can replace their old way of thinking with new concepts.

  The above is by A Christian man , whom has the right-way of religion in mind, Non-Condemning
                                       The people who say it can be changed, have lost complete touch with reality !

                                     From my point of view the the homosexual and transgender person has 4 choices  
                                                       suppress it , try to live as heterosexual
                                                       become celibate
                                                       commit suicide 
                                                    ♥   Be as Nature created you, best you can

                                              I tried all the above, and still I am very much a ;  " Female-roled male "


                                          A Dilemma in America today; America is full of unfit males

      The American military is facing a serious personnel issue: More than two-thirds of today's youth are too uneducated, have behavior issues, and are not physically fit enough for service. Pentagon: Young Adults Too Fat, Tattooed, Uneducated for Military

                                                        If unfit for military, are they fit to have children ?

                                                        Are females going to want them ?

                                                        Are they going to turn to other men for sex ?

She has plenty of company. Forty-two percent of U.S. black women have never been married, double the number of white women who've never tied the knot

Let's take 100 black men. By the time you eliminate those without a high school diploma (21 percent), the unemployed (17 percent) and those ages 25-34 who are incarcerated (8 percent), you have only half of black men, 54 percent, whom many black women find acceptable.

                                  Now as a Society , Roles have to be created for these " unfit " individuals ______________

excerpts from 

Another man described to Goldstein a glory-hole setup in his apartment where men could come to receive pleasure without any knowledge of the identity of the person on the other side. Max commented:

The majority of straight men who are going to a glory hole are going because they don’t want to see who is on the other side. It is about just getting off.

Is it that easy to find another girl who is just willing to give a blow job and say nothing more? Guys know what other guys are like. Guys just want to (get off). It sounds harsh, but it’s true.

A question on a Forum;

I'm a straight skater, 15 years old, and I love to get head from gay and bi guys. When I'm skating, there is always a bunch of gay guys that watches me. If I think one of them is hot, I'll let him give me head. Am I the only straight guy that gets into it? I heard that a lot of straight guys like it, but I don't know any. Is this true?


                              "There are a lot of "straight guys" who like to get it done by gay/bi guys, the guys seem to enjoy doing it more than the women do, and they know what feels good as well. Go ahead and keep enjoying it!!

I've blown loads of straight guys. At college it was a hobby of mine to blow almost any guy willing to drop his shorts and I'm sure a lot of them were straight and looking to experiment with there sexuality. I must admit I didn't ask to many questions like 'is this just a one off thing to see what it's like, then back to the ladies?', or 'Are you a closet homo, lying to your self and all your friends?'. Hell I can't even remember asking for names, just as long as they let me do what I love and finnish in my mouth (not all over my face) I was happy. 

My experience... yes, straight men do allow other guys to give them blowjobs and they were no less straight afterward.


                                                      Homosexuality as Population Control? 

                                                       Why Gays & Lesbians Are Essential to the Balance of Nature. - huffpost.com

                                     excerpts from ; 

                                                                      " In fact, we don’t require the discovery of a gay gene to show that homosexuality is ubiquitous in nature, which could mean it serves some purpose to the species. Repeated field observations have established that among numerous animal species, males and females alike form homosexual bonds. It’s an observation found even when opposite sex partners, territories, and breeding grounds are plentiful, eliminating hypersexuality—the overstimulation of sexual desire in the absence of the opposite sex—as a contributing factor. Clearly, even among animals, there exists the occurrence of same-sex preference that cannot yet be distinguished as a trait inherited or stimulated by the environment."

                                                                        " Historically, civilizations have been observed to decline in accordance with an overabundant growth in population that the environment cannot support. Today overcrowding, urban sprawl, pollution, and increased yet inadequate farmland are negatively affecting both wildlife and the humans who cause it at an alarming rate. Given what we know about natural selection as an eminently versatile response to environmental endangerment, and what we know about the genome’s metabolic adaptability, it follows that humans over generations would develop a mechanism within them to check and balance procreative extravagance."


            Being homosexual isn't the problem, unfit to work, and be uneducated is a huge problem

One has to ask One's self ;     

                   " Why is it a problem because my friend, co-worker is homosexual ? "

                                                      or as stated in article above " form a homosexual bond "

                              What is the driving force behind a belief system that thinks homosexuality is un-natural ?

                                     When it has occurred Naturally since ,  most likely the beginning of Time


                 Does a rational fully mentally intact person have a good answer ?

And Christianity as failed horribly

 in not accepting the very people they should be helping, by condemning.    this is fact that can't be concealed,covered up!

              Are far as I'm concerned the Whole homosexual thing as not improved in any great way since 1975 in this country.

                                                  Only has become less of a marginalized minority then it was.

                                          I usually delete a " Rant " if have one, this one I shall leave

The Dionysian male contains within himself not only masculine, but also strongly feminine qualities in a fusion of coexistence that integrates his unconscious and conscious expression of being in a holistic-androgynous expression of “male.”  He does not have a sexual identity problem –whether expressly heterosexual or homosexual in nature, he knows himself to be male yet he shares with women in a way that no Apollonian male can.

“An androgynous person does not pretend to be a member of the opposite sex. An androgynous male will not repress his feminine characteristics, however much he may, at times, decide to suppress them. He knows that they are part of him, he has worked on his ego resistance to integrating them. He knows there will be times when he will choose to think and perhaps behave according to the “her” within him.”

Like the person whom is maker of this video, I don't share their view of what " female roled is, yet everybodies different, and can't be Stereotyped. Just as no two people can't be. I think not stereotyping is especially important when concerning all trans/gay people.

I think it's important to remember there are many ways a transsexual person can present themselves, what their " idea " of what being in the Role of the other sex is, some like myself is the sexual role, which is by far dominant, with appearance secondary, yet in all cases it a " State of Mind "

I know myself, keeping " check " on becoming obsessed, held by a desire to do something , for example I have always wanted the

surgery to have my penis replaced with a female like " Vulva " and a beautiful one at that !, maybe that helps me not obsess about

it , that " beautiful Vulva " hasn't come on the Market yet !.

 As well as desiring to have a Man  " bone " me.  " Being celibate 14 years has been difficult "

excerpt from " Where Bias Begins ";

" "Our ability to categorize and evaluate is an important part of human intelligence," says Banaji. "Without it, we couldn't survive." But stereotypes are too much of a good thing. In the course of stereotyping, a useful category—say, women—becomes freighted with additional associations, usually negative. "Stereotypes are categories that have gone too far," says John Bargh, Ph.D., of New York University. "When we use stereotypes, we take in the gender, the age, the color of the skin of the person before us, and our minds respond with messages that say hostile, stupid, slow, weak. Those qualities aren't out there in the environment. They don't reflect reality."

Bargh thinks that stereotypes may emerge from what social psychologists call in-group/out-group dynamics. Humans, like other species, need to feel that they are part of a group, and as villages, clans, and other traditional groupings have broken down, our identities have attached themselves to more ambiguous classifications, such as race and class. We want to feel good about the group we belong to—and one way of doing so is to denigrate all those who who aren't in it. And while we tend to see members of our own group as individuals, we view those in out-groups as an undifferentiated—stereotyped—mass. The categories we use have changed, but it seems that stereotyping itself is bred in the bone.

Though a small minority of scientists argues that stereotypes are usually accurate and can be relied upon without reservations, most disagree—and vehemently. "Even if there is a kernel of truth in the stereotype, you're still applying a generalization about a group to an individual, which is always incorrect," says Bargh. Accuracy aside, some believe that the use of stereotypes is simply unjust. "In a democratic society, people should be judged as individuals and not as members of a group," Banaji argues. "Stereotyping flies in the face of that ideal."

                                        -The problem, as Banaji's own research shows, is that people can't seem to help it.-


                                                       Why is this ? My thought is We must become Aware of Our thoughts.

                                                                         Which take being Conscious of Self / Mindful-me

That slight pause in the processing of a stereotype gives conscious, unprejudiced beliefs a chance to take over. With time, the tendency to prevent automatic stereotyping may itself become automatic. Monteith's research suggests that, given enough motivation, people may be able to teach themselves to inhibit prejudice so well that even their tests of implicit bias come clean.

The success of this process of "de-automatization" comes with a few caveats, however. First, even its proponents concede that it works only for people disturbed by the discrepancy between their conscious and unconscious beliefs since unapologetic racists or sexists have no motivation to change. Second, some studies have shown that attempts to suppress stereotypes may actually cause them to return later, stronger than ever. And finally, the results that Monteith and other researchers have achieved in the laboratory may not stick in the real world, where people must struggle to maintain their commitment to equality under less-than-ideal conditions.

Challenging though that task might be, it is not as daunting as the alternative researchers suggest: changing society itself. Bargh, who likens de-automatization to closing the barn door once the horses have escaped, says that "it's clear that the way to get rid of stereotypes is by the roots, by where they come from in the first place." The study of culture may someday tell us where the seeds of prejudice originated; for now, the study of the unconscious shows us just how deeply they're planted.


              In my opinion, this is One of Our biggest problems as Humans, literally one has to be self aware Not to Stereotype -me

                                 " I can't help but think that hurrying, multi-tasking , being stressed / tired make stereotyping much worse ,

                                                  once you do stereotype,and are wrong, which very good chance you will be,

                                                  if your are a caring person,and are wrong ,you just added more stress to self."- me

                                                           -  I think Stereotyping very much falls under the Realm of; -

                                                                         Pre-Concieved Notions

                                                                         Seeking Seal of Certainty

                                                                         In-ability to shift from left to right brain type thinking when needed

                                                                         Theory of Mind (knowing another doesn't think like you)

                                                                         Delayed Gratification


                   Why Meditations like drawing, Art, music, etc so important, to keep the connection always being exercised.

                                                        I think  Iain McGilchrist has given us a great insight, what we do with it

                                                                                  is up to the individual


        As a Artist model, so many times I have seen this phenomenon occur as I pose and as the Artists shift in their mental state ,                                                                              and becoming so involved in simply " Seeing "

excerpt from   ;

We want children to learn that seeing and hearing leads to knowing.  If you can see something, then you know it.  If you can’t see something, then you don’t know it. !"

                                                          Jenna Bowyer  is worth listening to, for their experience

excerpt from    ;            

Innate homosexuality is sexual inversion; and this is the strongest indicator of transsexualism

Homosexuality — which in this case is strictly interpreted as ‘attracted exclusively to same sex from childhood’ is one of the diagnostics of homosexual transsexualism. There are others — most importantly, intense cross-sex identification, also from childhood. These two phenomena may be observed from the 2-4 age range, according to the DSM and are clearly so in the 5-11 range.

Alongside these two parameters, we typically see others: in males, tendency to slightness, lightness for height, slenderness and fine bones (Blanchard 1991 but many others have observed this too); neoteny, that is the preservation of youthful features into adulthood, and  since youthful features are so strongly implicated in female attractiveness (to men) this makes HSTS very conventionally attractive as women; digit ratios, elbow flexure, voice and many others all cluster on one type and that type is Homosexual. (That is, an individual with sexual inversion). In females, the inverse of these tends to be true.

This type is precisely what Ulrichs and Havelock Ellis identified as ‘congenital sexual inversion’ to differentiate it from ‘acquired sexual inversion’ — over a hundred years ago. Their rationale has NEVER been scientifically refuted.

However, all of this is made even more complicated because the amount to which an individual of this type publicly displays homosexual orientation or cross-sex identification, or both, varies wildly from culture to culture, such that in some, almost all transition and live in the opposite gender and in others, almost none do. The unfortunate consequence of this is that it has allowed some people to insist, wrongly, that there is no link between sexual orientation and gender. This claim is specious, not least because it fails to control for the social environment. If being recognised as a homosexual would get you ‘thrown off the highest building in the city’ it should come as no surprise that many, in such circumstances, do everything they can to hide their sexual inversion.

(what I did until 1998,when finally had to quit faking)

In the Philippines, for example, far more people with sexual inversion transition, because that is accepted by the culture; indeed, we might argue that it is, to an extent expected. In the West, being a ‘gay man’ is more acceptable and, until recently, most HSTS had to live covertly, with nobody knowing their background, because of their fear of reaction.



I like what Rod Fleming says about " The narcissistic homosexual and penetration " and how they seek " sexual inverts "

           ♦Narcissistic Homosexuals usually dislike being penetrated

           ♦As a result their repertoire of sexual practice is restricted in that regard. If they penetrate, it will usually be as pederasts, with younger males. With men of their own age or near to it, they may still penetrate, seeking out Sexual Inverts to satisfy themselves — the younger the better.

           ♦To an extent, this appears to be the ‘ideal relationship’ of an older pederastic homosexual, whose desire is to penetrate youthful males, and a younger sexual invert whose desire is to be penetrated by older males. It is less simple, though, because any femininity on the part of their sexual target will repulse them and it is hard for a male sexual invert to hide his femininity. This may result in the older, penetrating male mentally — or even physically — abusing the younger one, since he sees femininity as disgusting. Just as those who use prostitutes may demean them because they are women, they may demean feminine boys for being womanly.

Many narcissistic homosexuals, because of their absolute horror of being penetrated, or even being asked to be, will only engage in non-penetrative stimulation with similar males. Being penetrated instantly makes a man into a woman and, for a man who detests femininity and womanhood in himself and others, this would be intolerable. Freud noted that mutual masturbation was surprisingly prevalent amongst homosexuals and this is probably why.

Sexual inverts are completely different from the Narcissistic Homosexual. Their attraction, if they are male, to masculinity is not a function of narcissism. It is a function instead of a psycho-sexual inversion. Males, with this, have female sexuality. Female sexuality is ‘to be penetrated’ and requires feminine gender to advertise this. As a result, male sexual inverts tend to be enthusiastic about being penetrated anally.   (my desire has always been to ultimately get " penetrated ", and take a man's semen into me )

The invert’s adoption of feminine gender, however puts him immediately at odds with the narcissist, who either detests femininity as ‘unmasculine’ or is simply not attracted to it. This causes, in passing, the Narcissistic Homosexual male to adopt a bizarre, extreme form of faux masculinity, often becoming obsessed with leather gear, motorcycles and even weaponry. These individuals do not realise — or perhaps do not care — that real masculinity always contains a degree of femininity. This is what causes men to weep over their mothers’ graves and to become adoring, protective fathers. As in the Sumerian tale of An and Ki, the Sky-God and the Earth-Goddess, and in the Yin-Yang, masculinity and femininity are inseparable; it is this dichotomy that makes us human.


The conflict between two forms of male homosexuality, the Narcissistic Homosexual and the Sexual Invert, caused the celebrated falling-out between Magnus Hirschfeld, a sexual invert, and Benedict Friedlaender, a narcissistic homosexual.

Friedlaender was the first in the modern era to describe the narcissistic homosexual type. His writings went on to influence the ideas and sexuality of the Nazis, amongst others. Many of these were notorious pederasts; witness the Sturmabteilung (SA) Brownshirts and their leader, Ernst Röhm. The Hitler Youth could have been created as their feeding-ground and, across the whole of Occupied Europe, German officers were infamous for their predation on local youths. To be fair, however, the Nazis were not the only hyper-masculine, militaristic tradition to be so affected by the narcissistic homosexual, as a visitor to the tribal areas of Pakistan or Afghanistan will swiftly discover.

                                One reason I avoided the whole gay culture thing,( New Gay Man culture) as much as possible,

                                   as they were the type to demean me,talk ,act disrespectful. And I did like my men to share me

                                   with other straight male friends, yet in a respectful, way, completely different then as below, and

                                    all the men I was with clearly knew I was a fully " female roled / sexual invert "- me



excerpt from  ;         " Indeed one of Mackay’s close friends and one of Magnus Hirschfeld’s major confreres; Benedict Friedlaender, who also happens to have been jewish, was positively voluminous in his praise for Mackay and was part of Mackay intimate paedophile circle who met frequently to discuss their exploits, share tips and possibly even share their child ‘boyfriends’ with each other. (10) I don’t know of any work that suggests that Friedlaender was actually a paedophile himself, but his exhortations for ‘Greek love’ (11) and his close association with three paedophiles; Mackay, Dobe and Harwig, suggests precisely that."


  Above is a paint-shop demo of how I wish I looked, " lady-like ", and is a confirming thing for me to do now and then, confirming I would have the surgery if it were not so riddled with so many negatives.

Shows how I love to look for a Man, when I get undressed for him.
Wanting to be " lady-like "

excerpt from  ;        " By contrast, Native peoples of North America were sometimes seen as restrained, undersexed, or ambiguous in sexual matters, for a number of reasons—for instance the premium placed on female chastity among some nations, reports that groups such as the Iroquois did not rape war captives, or the presence in some communities of cross‐dressed individuals, some of them married to individuals of their own biological sex. Figures of this type were named “berdaches” or “catamites” by the French and have remained a focus of considerable speculation and misunderstanding to the present day.


From my experience, like it would of been in a so called " primitive tribe ", once I took the " Female role sexually ", with one male, then he introduced me to another, it simply snow balled, the men knew I was easily available for sexual pleasure, thus it was easy for me to constantly have  men to sexually pleasure.