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Much you can Learn, if One takes the time, and a good meditation, escape from the madness of society, makes one see what really means something, I personally never have been able to relate to American Culture, is it a bunch of people running around trying to please themselves, get all they can get ?. I never wanted to be rich,never want more then just what is needed to do what I was doing at the time, I always been very Utilitarian type. This is a weakness in a way pertaining to Art, as I have a constant internal battle of " If it has no useful purpose, I can't justify taking time to do it " a form of  "cognitive dissonance"

For example;  I this morning was reading of The northern muriqui monkey,

                       Which is endangered, so say if I wanted to do some sketchs, then maybe a sculpture of anything, if I choose the 
"The northern muriqui monkey", in my mind I could do it, as it would have purpose from stand point of the images/form of what I did might help to bring light to this species dilemma,fate should we not help it out.

                      So by writing for a long time, I've come to realize for myself ,for myself to do, first there must be purpose.
                                              ------------So the goal starts with finding that purpose--------------