Teaching Self-Actualizing in Schools


I've listened to Leo's talk "65 core principles" about a dozen times this last week, and find it very "right on",helpful as a good map to follow.

Highly-trained/ self-Actualized to a high degree, - Student counselors-,(7th thru 12th,) the child meets with no less than Once a Week, and has choose to change counselor if feels need., note This is how it was at Salvation Army rehab. and a key compontent in my well being. I truly believe this is Great Failure of public school system, 

   It is unexcusable, in a modern, so called advanced Society!, with so much material Wealth, the child is being left to be guided by teachers whom may not even be Mature/ self-Actualized to any high degree.

Don't ever forget Technology has given us much comfort/ yet with that,there is a opposite/a equal and opposite reaction too!, thus to a degree a false security of wealth/comfort,on the shadow side sets lazy,contentment.who knows what else!