A  polyandry triad type relationship male/female/transfeminine male (myself)

                                                                       -my idea of perfect relationship for myself-

Hetaira ;  a Fem-male in Hetaira sexual context 

  class of prostitute in ancient Greece 

More expensive and exclusive prostitutes were known as hetaerae, which means "companion". Hetaerae, unlike pornai, engaged in long-term relationships with individual clients, and provided companionship as well as sex.

Even when the term hetaira was used to refer to a specific class of prostitute, though, scholars disagree on what precisely the line of demarcation was. Kurke emphasises that hetairai veiled the fact that they were selling sex through the language of gift-exchange,

Due to fact that at least in my case " being in a prositutional type role for Str8 men is a reality ", as very un-likely

to find a Str8 male to take me as a full time partner, wife etc.

                     " I am very familiar with and accepting of being in prositutional type role "   


                     I do believe a 3 partner group, as the ability to be much more adaptive to modern society, in many ways

                       As well as a ideal environment for a person like myself, being a fully psychologically emasculated male,

                                                                                                                        (desire to be fully physically emasculated )

"Terrace"(I had never heard the term" berdache",prior to conceiving idea for Terrace) once I had,true research,all the parts fell together. I had been in alcohol rehab aprox. 8 month's and came across the term " Berdache ",,and it fit me like a glove, to be honest until this point, I never thought my sexual orientation had anything to do with my Addiction, yet soon out of nowhere .the idea for Terrace ,flowed into me like a river,every moment after the idea came,for the year in rehab, I wrote non-stop.researched the berdache ways etc.The more I wrote,the better I felt, like I finally found the main reason for my addiction,,the years of denial, then realizing it was this Gender dysphoria thing / cognitive dissonance wrapped up in One, I knew I love having men bone me, I just figured I was some form of homosexual, just more feminine like inside, then I realized " I truly wished to Have to body of a female,along with being in the female role sexually and non-sexually" Once I said that statement to myself, then truly accepted it .

"The Terrace" (William and Jodi and myself (Michael) are main charactors)..Jodi is a female artist,William is a straight man, medical doctor,myself a carpenter/artist model and truly 100% fem-male, female roled.

Michael has been modeling for Jodi for many months  and knows Michael in the "berdache type role" fem-male sexually with William, whom is a Straight heterosexual black male .

First Time Jodi and William meet---scenario (Jodi is walking into the front room of house,there is a large roofed front porch ,screen is door is open and William sets inside near the screen door to porch...,Jodi and William have never met,...Michael had been performing Fellatio on William,but had to run out to the get vasoline, and little bird lands on Williams erect cock ).Imagine You are Jodi,..you walk in the room see a little bird just sitting on the tip of my friends long ,thick cock,yet is firm.yet soft to,and it is pointed straight up toward the ceiling..you have never met my friend,yet I have told you a lot about him,you know what we do sexually.''' ....My friend looks at you,,,says hi...I am William....he tries to cover himself ,yet saying ..Oh Jodi,,we didnt expect you back..at same time trying not to disturb the little bird sitting where it sits....Jodi.says ".oh your fine,,let the bird sit a bit,,the little bird,,most likely hasn't sat in such a place ,as on a big black cock like that..matter of fact..I can't say I have...yet Michael likes I know..thats a fact,,I know."..Jodi..has a few large sketch pads she just bought in,in her arms,,so..she says ,,I'll be back,,got put these in their place..then on down the hall,,she goes...the little bird..too..takes flight..out the open screen door,just as Michael appears(total nude..as he always is living with Jodi)..with his jar of vasoline which he aims to use for lube.."You meet Jodi".? ..as he watchs William scrambling to get his shorts on..,all the while explaining,in a hused voice " yeah,she walked in,here I am sitting on her couch,with a little bird sitting on the tip of my erect cock!"...what did she say?,..William looking at him silly like,rolling his eyes..replies.."what did she say!,,she said,,let the little bird sit there,it most like,maybe hasn't sat on a big black cock before!"..Michael chuckles.."yep that's Jodi in total Form!..then he heads down the hall..saying "I'll get her so,you's can meet formally...William walks out the open screen door,,thinking "maybe I can see were the little  bird sits now,,as he focuses on the motives of the little bird from his past... to compose himself there has to be a meaning!..then he laughs at himself,,,realizing he has never had a little bird sit on the tip of his cock,let alone while sitting there talking to a Lady he had never meet.

Looking out over the long narrow  lawn..it's self bordered on all sides by old majestic hardwoods,concealing the outside world,and it's very self ,almost as if a place some where in ancient times,as though a Faun or Satyr might suddenly appear from behind a tree holding the little bird in hand.
Michael found Jodi,,rumaging about in the studio,,as though searching for something..I see you and William met ..Jodi turns smiles,,,yeah...I see why you and a certain little bird have a similar attraction...!..chuckling...he replies with a quick..Yep,,seems so,,,sorry ,,I mistaked the time you would be getting home...J--replying no!  you didn't..as she finally finds her camera.. I left the meeting early..seeing it so nice out,,and excited to meet William...besides,, glad I did ,,what a great way to meet,him,,very memorable indeed!...she grabs his hand,,,come on let 's go see him before he flees from his embrassment....heading down the hall,,J- "maybe he will let me watch you's do what you intended to do with that vasoline?.......M---"he is shy.."..they get to living room..J--"he did flee"...jokingly..M--"he is on Porch I see him"..walking out on to the porch..J---says The little bird had to go' ..(in a sad quiet voice) William turns smiling as looking downward a bit,,then replying.."yes, just looking at your great trees,I think the little bird might be up there instead"..Michael pipes in.."I m glad to be the one to share you two,,now let's eat,,"chuckling...as they did as well...William in a serious inquiring style "may I ask how long you have lived here?"..J---looking at him with a respect that only comes between people who share or even are able to share the very moment in which they are and where they are,,the the type of feeling that sends a chill ,to make you aware,then subsides,,allowing one to become fully aware,..she replies.."All of my life,, other then my time at school"..reaching out for his hand and taking it.."come sit down here,,on the bench,",her self sitting ,then him ."look ,see all the largest trees,,my great,great grand father planted them 190 years ago when he built this,,there are still 98 of the orginal 100..all are recorded in journals he kept,..the date he planted them,where they where born,even the very spot,,he found it,he named it according to what he felt upon first seeing it"...W---"that means you know the name of every one of those trees?"..J---"Yes,,,and history,,,see" he felt they have a soul",,and it is a tradition you might say we -learn- "the Trees'...look about,,now"!..standing up,she then asks..What can I get you to drink,I am in need of something like Ice Tea..you's?..Michael says..."You's talk"knowing what William liked,,I will get us drinks..and headed to kitchen...William stood and walked out to the porch rail..."All those Trees have a name...",saying it almost as if to him self..then turning to glance back at her eyes.J---"I'll will tell you all of them in time,if you wish"..W--"yes very much I wish,,pausing,he then says" I can see why Michael talks so often of these woods"..J--"yes ,this is the best place for him to live,,and I need him here for rest of my life"..glancing back at her eyes again,the thought of sincere,forms in his mind.as he replies"Yes he often says,"I need to be with Jodi",,as if it where someone saying "I need to breath the air to live".replying to that Jodi says"Thanks for sharing that thought of his with me,,means a lot..I know he wishes you to be here to"she hears Michael approaching and quickly says"we's can talk of that soon"....Michael walks in hands Jodi her ice tea,,William a Bombay sapphire on ice .then sits on the chair next to the bench,,looking at them both,says"Jodi tell all the tree names yet?'..chuckling..William looking at her,says" she promised me in time"..M---"you'll need time for that..they are all greek myth's..every one has it's own history,"..Michael points to one at the far end of lawn,,which nearly a football field distance away,,,"see the one right in the center,,That is
Pan"  Jodi pipes in,"yes Michael likes Pan a lot.,lots" looking at him with a smirk,,Michael,,replies "I was born with a imagination,that wanders of a bit now and then is all."  Speaking of which,,I brought my camera out here for a reason."looking at William.."Michael and I have talked quite a bit about a series of art works I am doing with him modeling,some I want to be erotic",looking then at Michael.then back to William.so with you guy's permission,,I want to just be a artist,,watching what you's do naturally together,..that means here,anywhere,anytime etc."..William replies.."thanks for the welcome,,and I do feel at home,I must say."     "You are" Jodi replies..Michael ,hands William the jar of vasoline ,gets on his knee's with his bottom facing William,inviting copulation,,no words need spoken, William slides his short off,steps out of them and kneels behind Michael whom waits,eyes closed,facing the porch floor.Taking the jar of vasoline,then removing the lid,William dips two fingers full of lube,,greases his big black cock til it is slick,then rubs some into Michael's bottom,Michael twitchs,as he softly moans out.with one hand holding Michael's hip,the other he uses to aim and guide ,in seconds the big tip,disappers into Michael's bottom..at the same time ,Michael,mumbles "oh yes"..then he begins pushing his body back to help William slide deeper in,slowly..and with Jodi's amazement,,all of William's cock is up inside Michael..Slowly yet with quick shallow thrusts,William holds himself fully ,completely ,as if locked together,,they both move in unision,Michael  squirming about,as William thrusts,to bury ever inch into Michael,,they go at this for some time..both moaning,,Michael almost wimpering,,then William,slides almost his whole length out except for the head of his cock,then with a swift thrust.slams back fully back up in Michael,,he yells out,,at the same time Jodi twitchs backwards,almost feeling in herself how that felt,.Quickly sliding his cock back out..William,,reachs down and scoops up more lube,,rubs it on both of them,,pops his tip back in,,and with a quick full thrust sinking it fully in with a slap ,nearly lifting Michael's body off the floor,with a slight wimper.and cry out ,,then no stop .Michael,,starts pleading,,don't stop,.William doesn't and soon is in a full out cycle as though a steam engine pumping with long hard thrusts,,until he finally moans out"I'm cumming",and with a final hard deep thrust,,he buries himself completely up in Michael,..Jodi watches with fascination.as William leans over on to Michael ,holding himself deep in,,and with quick jerking spasms,begins to ejactulate process with each spasm and jerk,half a dozen times,,then William lays to the side,to the floor pulling Michael with,,his cock still up in Michael..they lay in silence,,yet Michael still twitching about on the cock in him ,as though savoring it,Jodi knows Michael is getting what it needs.and wants

9/16/2018- have not looked at this page in quite so time,quite a humble.yet jumbled bunch of my thoughts,yet still the Idea for myself in a relationship as with Jodi and William ideal,even more so then orginally writing "Terrace" over 4 years ago.There many more aspects to "Terrace," that are not sexual,yet the "berdache" aspect is most important aspect to make it very "Un-traditional"

My point here pertaining to the topic at hand is Michael belongs to a very,very unique club,called the "Indigo Club",which is a group of highly educated black straight men (Donors),"..the number of "Donors" is 50,same for Recipients-10.The goal,,is that the Donors impregnate each Recipient no less then once every two weeks,yet can as often as wishs if feasible,for example in the story ..Michael starts his day out 7 days a week-5am to11am,,going to the Indigo club,,there is a private room..more like small apartment,,he can read,,etc..while he waits for a Donor..(which is always soon)..due to the fact the Donor must impregnate all 50 Recipients in two weeks,at least once.Yet is stressed to impregnate as much as possible(they all have a equal vested interest in the research) So in all reality Michael finds the demand for at least himself is enough so that if he can get impregnated at least 5 times every morning,he has been with all 50 Donors. However if a Donor has for some reason not,impregnated him,,there must be a time set-up to allow them to meet ,,if example on agreement with Michael and 10 Donors on a weekend to group impregnate Michael(everybody in same room same time) ,,which is routine as all 50 Donors know each other, Recipients ,do not know each other!...threesome are often in morning due to fact two Donors work together,golf etc. Also the Donors can be with the Recipients as often as wishs with the Recipients  consent(note→There is no need for bondage,s/m type acts,,and is seen as "primordial")by all ,also all Donors must be married with female wives,whom have given full consent.A issue that arises is friendships form,and all the Donors are very healthly,active men..thus many wish to see Michael more then once every two weeks,thus Michael finds time is a issue,as far as seeing all the Donors,,he loves to be "impregnated",he loves the feeling of satisfying them sexual..he likes them all,some more then others due to....." Form"....1.physical reasons(looks,cock size,to Michael,bigger the better.their skill at love-making,their mount time,,(mount time describes the time the Donor is able to thrust in and out of his bottom prior to ejaculation) and Amount- Average ejaculation volume ranges from 2 to 6 ml, according to most medical sources. Higher volumes have been reported and are considered normal, but consistently higher volumes are considered a disease called hyperspermia, which may bring about many complications including sterility. These are the medical facts. On the other hand, in this pages I've read of someone claming his record ejaculation volume was as high as 13 ml,   etc)........................2. and emotional reasons(interests,repore..etc,)note; this is factual for myself personally as far as..Form,1 and 2..in reality when I perform-" FELLATIO  "I am able to deep-throat 10" (learning on Aren) as well as anally.just my flavor you might say.Anyway-"Terrace"  is a Myth,,,like all fables,fiction,etc.

In Reality I do believe a True "Indigo Group" could be formed, it could be 20 and 3, 30 and 6 etc.I only used 50 in story(50 Donors know each other 10 -Recipients  from my own actual experience, of being Gang-Banged (my wordpress site), all one has to do is be Open-minded to see how it could work, note: in my Scenario,the Recipients are Fem-male,they have to be single or envolved only with a member of the group (partnered with),all Recipients and Donors know each other and spouses,girl friends(of Donors),no imformation leaves the group,(why I chose 50 as well,after that number,it would be tougher to remain tribe like),the Recipients would get breed by each Donor at least once every two weeks(50 times min.),that would be a realistic.Example, between 1997, during the week it was common that, nearly every day I at least performed "fellatio" on one guy,often ,few evening I would have 2 or 3(together) breed me.very common if counting how many times "I received a climax"both anally and orally,for it to be 15 times.

Weekends,I might see half a dozen different groups of guys (in a hour 6 guys could breed me easily,then I would leave.),it wasn't uncommon to receive 30 or 40 climax's as often guys would climax several times.most often I had a guy orally,and another anally at same moment.


excerpt from Realizing the context or true form between my friend above I will call" William"..1. we were and are true friends(care much for each other)..one day after William and I had copulated,,a friend of his stopped by,whom I had never met..he and William talked a bit,then he left..upon him leaving,I commented "he is very sexy"..William replied "yeah he has a big cock too!"..I made it sound as if joking,but I then said.."maybe he'd like to breed me",William replied "I'll call and ask him right now!,,before he gets to far"..he called him,within 15 minutes,,William's friend was coming in the door,I got on my knees,he mounted me,,within 5min's he was climaxing inside my bottom....this became fairly routine for some time. Matter of fact soon I was asking both William and his friend(Aren),if they would call me "Michelle" instead of Michael..Myth of sorts..yet for myself made me more female,,I wanted to present myself to them as that I know,I even began dressing fem like for them,when it was time for me to be breed(I had to be very clean anally,which takes time)well lubed especially with Aren cause he is very large 10"...for me I would be somewhat in a state of Heat, meaning they were welcome to copulate with me as much as they where able,often if we could,all three of us would take a weekend trip somewhere,have our cabin,hotel etc,We may go see a site in the local,,come back,,They both would climax in me,,both are multi-orgasmic,,so often several times,,maybe nap..go out again,etc..come back..repeat .Of course for me personally I was getting impregnated,thus more semen in my body by two people I adored!,for them they where getting pleasure of impregnating me with their semen(procreation even if sub-conscientiously)..Myth..it still is very powerful ,,,to point of very spiritual for myself..

Main Charactors....Jodi /middle aged,attractive female artist,heterosexual......William/late 30's,attractive black male medical doctor,heterosexual.......Michael/30's,attractive,white male,carpenter-artist model,fem-male,"two-spirit type"

 Notes:       1.This is a very "Unique" type polyandry relationship

        2.Each of these 3 charactors,,plays a essential element..Michael's part key compontent for it to work as "Polyandry-relationship"

        3. To understand Michael,,you see his back ground based on true life experience as a "Fem-male"/berdache (nsfw)

        4. In a nearly secret way for 8 years was able to "mate" with many straight black men,,in a crazy breeding frenzy in

            search of a Black straight male,he could play the part as wife for.(as a Fem-male) and still has not found a mate!,,and became

            celibate in 2006...from tired of the search.

        5.Now lets go back in time with a" Scenario"..hope fully by now if you have paid "Attention" on this site you know my meaning
            of scenario...It is the year 500 bc and some where along the upper Mississippi river,there lives a small band of peoples,,,
            20 adult males and only 12 adult females....
            one of the adult males is what they call a "Berdache" " missionaries in the Mississippi Valley occasionally encountered Native             Americans who could be classified neither as men nor women. They called such individuals berdaches, a French term for                   younger partners in male homosexual relationships. In fact, Plains Indian berdaches are best described as occupying an                     alternative or third gender role, in which traits of men and women are combined with those unique to berdache status. Male                   berdaches did women's work, cross-dressed or combined male and female clothing,'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''                   and formed relationships with non-berdache men."

                                             How the Berdache/fem-male may have formed in human evolution

  A.     If 12 men have selected one of the females(there being 12),
                      there are 7 single males whom have no adult female to breed with...and 1 fem-male(adult,Michael's role) whom is very                         willing to be "bred" by those 7 single males...this Berdache ,(Michael) is not only is willing,he wants to be!.
                      also because  of the varying ages of the adult males,,,say oldest 4 are 50's,then next down,,30's.then 20's..
                      .say Michael is 33,,,(mature age is 18)...there is a good chance that at least a half the males,whom currently are:
                      partnered with one of the of the now Adult females!,,,where single when Michael was mature enough to "mate" and 
                      they openly mated with him,,until a female came of age....Because this almost had to been a very open
                      and Egalitarianism.. society!..Michael is in female role,he helps with child care,washing,clothing making etc.yet has:
                          Strength and ability to protect them, especially in the absence of the men...there is no worry(fear) from the men: 
                      Whom have mated with one of the females...of Michael mating with them..he is one of them!.:
                      .has no 
                        openly  mate  with Michael(open and consented to by the adult females)..so in essense Michael was available to:
                        "All 19 adult males at any given time"....if one steps back and looks at this,,,it does some vital things which keep ,
                        "This Band of Peoples"...intact,peaceful,content,,etc.

                        By being with the females(whom accept him as he is)...he helps them,they are not jealous of him taking one of the                               taken males....the remaining single males have Michael routinely for pleasure(out of view of children of course)
                        yet is often gang-banged,,say if band is on the move,rituals(all adults) to show Michael's role,,and even to show
                        thanks as to how important he is(make him feel not alone,as he would never be able to have a partner as the others)

                        due to the fact,,he belongs to all the Adult males!
                      Michael is more then sexual full-filled-(most likely as I actually did many times a day,and gang-banged often..................
                        Satisfied,as all the other males" bred "him as a "female",the female have a mate for child bearing and intimate Love
                        By being bred by all adult males,  viewed by all adult females Psychologically and Societally "Michael is Female",yet                            non- threatening as far as stealing a male ..or jealous 
                        There is no need for cross-dressing,sex change operation to be female!

                  B. Another  is born,,which is likely one of the children amongst them already...to start next generation.

                    C..My Theory if another ,was in the same close age as Michael,,another "Band"..would most likely be formed
                    or a larger population of the original "Band" ,,that encompasses Michael.

                    In a setting like the Indigo club, even today I would love to be a ;
                                    Recipient   , and would love to get boned by all 50 every day - if that was all my duty was!

See ; " berdache as Role model " -page

One way to look it is, A married couple with a berdache as part of the family group.

                           Berdache/Eunuch/Odalisque role

                     I am just trying to take old,out-dated,yet historical working models, and create a completely new model

                                                                             might call it  Evolution

                                                             sexually serve William, serve Jodi in all none sexual duties

                                                                         perfect role for me as a "Female-roled-male"

                                                  One may see to the powerful symbolic aspect below of the " eunuch " role,

                                                        A why vulvoplasty surgery(castration-emasculation) is so desired

In Ming China, many men castrated themselves in order to be hired in the palace, when the only way for these men to enter privilege was eunuchism.[95]:128 Besides the royal palace, elites such as officials also hired eunuchs to be servants to their family.[95]:131 With the demand, a lot of men were willing to castrate themselves to become eunuchs. 

The relationship with other occupations in royal palace

The eunuchs also highly associated with other lower ranking occupations in the royal palace. For example, some eunuchs would have special relationships with serving women in the palace. Some eunuchs would form a partnership with serving women in order to support each other, called a “vegetarian couple” (Duishi).[96]:43 In this kind of relationship, both eunuchs and serving women can be more secure when they encountered conflicts with the those of higher rank such as bureaucrats.

Eunuchs were highly valued for their strength and trustworthiness, allowing them to live amongst women with fewer worries. This enabled eunuchs to serve as messengers, watchmen, attendants and guards for palaces. Often, eunuchs also doubled as part of the King's court of advisers.

The eunuchs were assigned to do work for the palace women, like massaging and applying make up to the women, preparing them for sex with the Emperor.

The Vietnamese adopted the eunuch system The eunuchs served as slaves doing most of the work for the women in the Vietnamese palace harem – consorts, concubines, maids, queen, and princesses

Eunuchs were the only males outside the royal family allowed to stay inside the palace overnight. Court records going back to 1392 indicate that the average lifespan of eunuchs was 70.0 ± 1.76 years, which was 14.4–19.1 years longer than the lifespan of non-castrated men of similar socio-economic status.


                                                              (In my framework that I am psychosexual female)

An odalisque (Turkish: odalık / اوطه‌لق) was a chambermaid or a female attendant in a Turkish seraglio, particularly the court ladies in the household of the Ottoman sultan

If any lady possesses a pretty-looking slave, the fact soon gets known. The gentlemen who wish to buy an odalisque or a wife, make their offers. Many Turks, indeed, prefer to take a slave as a wife, as, in such case, there is no need to dread fathers, mothers, or brothers-in-law, and other undesirable relations

If an odalık was of extraordinary beauty or had exceptional talents in dancing or singing, she would be trained as a possible concubine. If selected, an odalık trained as a court lady would serve the sultan sexually and only after such sexual contact would she change in status, becoming thenceforth one of the consorts of the sultan. 


“man is very imitative and obtains his first knowledge by imitation, and then everybody takes pleasure in imitation”- Aristotle


  12/16/2019                                                    Polyandry


  In my case, Idea of for Terrace ;  One Lady, One Heterosexual Man, and a Homosexual transgender /Female-roled male(myself)

                                                            My role being sexual, yet non-romantic with William who is heterosexual male

                                                           William's and Jodi 's roles are sexual / Romantic with each other

                                                          Jodi and myself's relationship is Platonic love / non-sexual / non-romantic

excerpt from ↑ ;

Until recently, monandry was viewed as the most typical form of female sexual behaviour.
Why is that? Part of the reason might have been that the predominantly male scientists of the past had various preconceptions about how females, human or otherwise, should behave.
Little did they know... Indeed. The breakthrough came with DNA fingerprinting. Fingerprinting studies revealed that the patterns of mating that biologists had viewed through their binoculars did not match the actual patterns of paternity among offspring. Instead, females across a very broad range of species were found to be mating with multiple males (Figure 1). This was most startling in birds previously thought to be monogamous. An example is the dunnock, which the Reverend Frederick Morris urged his Victorian parishioners to imitate for its “humble and homely… deportment and habits”. The resulting ‘polyandry revolution’ has led to a paradigm shift in the study of reproductive behaviour. Polyandry is now a common trait that evolutionary biologists must try and explain.
What are these benefits? The benefits of polyandry can be categorised into those that increase a female’s fitness directly and those that do so indirectly. The most obvious direct benefit is the acquisition of sufficient sperm to fertilise all of a female’s ova. Other material benefits gained during copulation include various kinds of nuptial gifts — from food items through to nutritious spermatophores, which males transfer during copulation and females can utilise to increase their fecundity. Such gifts can substantially increase fecundity and in many insect species multiply mated females on average produce more offspring than singly mated females. Polyandry can also increase the extent of male parental care of offspring, as in birds such as the superb fairy-wren (Malurus cyaneus), or access to resource rich-territories controlled by males.
What else? In addition, mating with multiple males may prevent harm coming to your offspring. For instance, polyandry may be a strategy which females adopt to reduce the risk of infanticide. Males of many primates and other mammal species will not hesitate to kill an unrelated infant, bringing the mother back into oestrus in order to sire her subsequent offspring. However, by mating with several males, a female may ‘hide’ the paternity of her offspring (e.g. in the macaque; Figure 1). If there is even a small chance that a male could be the sire, then infanticide would not be a worthwhile risk for a male.

Like in Terrace, William likes to shower every morning,( we have big walk in shower) so I will always have my bottom clean and ready for penetration, I will every morning jump in shower with him, he will bone me quick / ejaculate in me, then I help wash his back, his whole body

Then myself and Jodi normal make breakfast , William heads to work, sense Jodi and I are together with their child most of day, other then if I am doing some carpentry job or modeling for a art class.etc.

Same goes with Jodi as far as taking shower, I often take shower with her,wash her back, often I give them both massages,

My role is to make sure they are happy,not stressed, every thing!

A unique thing about myself which gives me ability to model nude for large groups or individuals is , I am not sexually turned on by females and with men, due to fact that I am fully emasculated / femininized / female roled, I might be turned on, yet I go limp due to

my psychological preparation for penetration by the man, thus I never have to worry of getting a erection.(I have never had a erection when a man is boning me or while I perform fellatio / hand-job)

                                                             Jodi and I make supper for the evening

             Jodi and William sleep together, as common in a normal monandry relationship, I have my own room


                                                              Yet many variations on the theme possible

excerpt from  ;

How Common is Polyandry?

Not surprisingly, the concept of polyandry is somewhat shocking to many of us. In the past, it has not exactly been a widely talked about topic or a socially acceptable relationship arrangement. While you often hear about males collecting sexual and romantic partners in cultures around the world, you almost never hear about a woman being married to multiple men. 

Polyandry is most definitely a rare relationship arrangement. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact, evolutionary biologist and professor of psychology emeritus at the University of Washington, David P. Barash Ph.D., would argue, “patriarchy pushes polyandry underground, but does not eliminate it.” 


                                      Polyandry as a mediator of sexual selection before and after mating

                                                                                                                                                       - nih.gov

The Darwin–Bateman paradigm recognizes competition among males for access to multiple mates as the main driver of sexual selection. Increasingly, however, females are also being found to benefit from multiple mating so that polyandry can generate competition among females for access to multiple males, and impose sexual selection on female traits that influence their mating success. Polyandry can reduce a male's ability to monopolize females, and thus weaken male focused sexual selection. Perhaps the most important effect of polyandry on males arises because of sperm competition and cryptic female choice. Polyandry favours increased male ejaculate expenditure that can affect sexual selection on males by reducing their potential reproductive rate. Moreover, sexual selection after mating can ameliorate or exaggerate sexual selection before mating. Currently, estimates of sexual selection intensity rely heavily on measures of male mating success, but polyandry now raises serious questions over the validity of such approaches. Future work must take into account both pre- and post-copulatory episodes of selection. A change in focus from the products of sexual selection expected in males, to less obvious traits in females, such as sensory perception, is likely to reveal a greater role of sexual selection in female evolution.

                                                                  Say in the case / scenario of " Terrace "

Because William and Jodi very much wish to have a child, yet for some reason William is infertile, I could impregnate Jodi if need be.

                                       This also greatly would reduce my desire for genital reconstruction surgery (GRS)

                                                though truly wish to, if surgery was more perfected then currently

                                            Due to fact I don't need to appear physically femininized / emasculated,

                                                  Which in part, is a way that has helped me remain celibate, 

                                            Because I told myself unless I can present myself to a man without a penis,

                                                  Thus showing him I am fully committed to being Female like for him.

                                                  That I have made every effort to remove being a Man from myself.

                                                              And that I wish so much to be like a Female sexually.


Kat's video below because , I never looked at " Terrace " from myself as being Female, and which the basic concept of ;

                                                                         " polyamorous " means ;

Polyamorous definition, noting or relating to polyamory, the practice or condition of participating simultaneously in more than one serious romantic or sexual relationship with the knowledge and consent of all partners.

              I looked at  the scenario of Terrace through the Lens of ; Jodi having two males as partners William sexually,

                                                                                    myself Platonically  and as a Fem-male / transgender

                                                           Yet One must see Terrace as well, from the view point of ;

                                          William is the only person involved, that has two partners  both Jodi and myself

                                                                     And both Jodi and I are Female-Roled for him

The " Indigo group " concept as well is a Polyamorous type arrangement, as the wives of the men, whom come see me

for sex;  are consenting, just not involved in the encounters;

                                                I am in more like a Female with many husbands (Polyandry)


  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a daily course of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) taken by HIV-negative people to protect themselves from infection.
  • Evidence shows that, when taken consistently and correctly, PrEP reduces the chances of HIV infection to near-zero.
  • PrEP is cost effective, and there is growing demand for it from people at higher risk of HIV infection, but the scale and coverage currently remains limited.
  • PrEP does not protect against other STIs so needs to be delivered as part of a comprehensive package of HIV/STI prevention services.
  • PrEP’s effectiveness decreases rapidly if not taken regularly as prescribed, so addressing the barriers preventing adherence is key to success.

Explore this page to find out more about the evidence on PrEP, landmark trialswhere PrEP is being implementedthe scale-up challenges of PrEP and the future: next-generation PrEP.

Personally if I would come out of " Celibacy ",

 I would start taking " PreP ", unless it where that I found two people like Jodi and William.

As I know full well that if I started getting " Boned " again !,  I am going to Want it Alot !, and very likely

would want a group of men , which would likely lead to wanting to be double-teamed, and gang-banged  / party fucked as well

For Myself, I think by taking the PreP™ , I would be conveying to the Men that I am being as safe as possible, yet it also gives me even more justification of me asking them to " show they themselves have been tested for STD's and are safe.

And like before (1998-2005), I was very open and honest about having many male sex partners, I clearly showed my interest in 

having sex with more then one man encounters (double-teamed, and party fucked ) , and if they would like that, know men

they feel are safe, would like to introduce me to them, I would like to meet them, yet on same token, I still am going to be very selective. I might even go as far as letting a new guy penetrate me after first encounter, yet only with condom, tell he can show he is STD free. After that, then I want him ejaculating in me if he sees me alone, in party-fuck setting

generally all guys wear condoms, or take me alone, I douche, clean-up, then another guy can do me bare-back.

                                                                      " All situations different "



            If any Men or couples interested in Adopting me as a Fem-male/Au Pair partner

                                          Contact me at : mikesemery@gmail.com

Like Richard Dawkins , gives A hypothesis , Why wouldn't a Male not wish to have a " Female-Roled male " like myself be a                constant

companion of their Women to protect in every way possible.To help with chores," Au Pair " , as "body guard ". In return the Str8 male gives me the sexually Attention I need,in a altruistic way,  by routinely " boning " me, and allowing me to perform " Fellatio " on him, thus keeping me highly Femininized. Because my need it to be as Femininized as possible, have my Femininity kept confirmed, maintained. For example when I have had sex with men, my main objective is not for Physical pleasure, I don't care that much if I climax when I am

with a man, My pleasure comes the psychological Affirmation of being femininized by him sexually , I would almost almost always masturbate alone ,by myself if felt need. Yet for example, I often might masturbate before seeing men, so as to help avoid any chance of myself being seen by one of my men ,with myself having a erection,,I never want a man to see me  erect, I only want him 

to see me as being 100% emasculated and female roled.              

  emasculated (of a man) deprived of his male role or identity      

  effete no longer capable of being effective  as male

effeminate (of a man) having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly.

As Richard Dawkins tries to explain,in not so many words, biological adaption comes very slow, yet psychological adaption can come

almost instantly to meet the needs of a certain situtation,circumstance in Humans. My thought is ; This is the very reason we have evolved, not by biological ways, but by psychological ways, no other mammal can come close to the speed of learning , adapting to the vary circumstance a certain individual human is in, at a vary unique certain moment. A vary unique ability to Survive, yet if hindered by Ideologies, beliefs which Pre-concieve, that individual can be greatly hindered to adapt, at all,or much to slow.