The Female Mind

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                                 "  To justify this male bias in laboratory experiments, most researchers maintain that there are no sex differences in brain function outside of the context of reproduction, and that the so-called masculinization of the male brain occurs only in those areas that govern reproductive behaviors."

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                          But in analyzing the MRI exams of about 1,400 individuals, researchers led by Daphna Joel of Tel Aviv University;

 Joel said that she hopes the study will help do away with assumptions about gender differences. “We separate girls and boys, men and women all the time,” she told New Scientist. “It’s wrong, not just politically, but scientifically — everyone is different.


The Following can;  Make the Female-Roled male like myself a threat in control for a Real lady ?

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Briffault continues with these three corollaries to his law:

  • Even though a woman has accrued past benefits from her relationship with a man, this is no guarantee of her continuing the relationship with him.  (Translation:  What have you done for me lately?)
  • If a woman promises a man to continue her relationship with him in the future in exchange for a benefit received from him today, her promise becomes null and void as soon as the benefit is rendered.  (“I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.“)
  • A man’s promise of a future benefit has limited ability to secure a continuing relationship with a woman, and his promise carries weight with her only to the extent that the woman’s wait for the benefit is short and to the extent that she trusts him to keep his promise.

I think because of understanding this, I have for a long time felt the - Polyandry factor- of " Terrace " most idea for some one like myself

to have access to sex with a heterosexual man.

 With the Understanding the Wife, true female has to be Queen, I would have to convey this completely.

As for example in Terrace, first and foremost, strengthening Jodi and William's bond comes first, in Terrace the Dynamics of it are;

   First myself has been sexually a fem-male for William for many years, as well as very good friends, Then I meet Jodi and develop a

   loving platonic relationship-   two factors that I believe that make it very possible, at same time making it a stronger group of 3 .



                                  Myself likely resorting to finding and  having many sex partners (heterosexual males)

                                  Which threaten the Wife in much the same way a female prostitute does.

                                  Which in a way gives myself the power over a male, similar to Briffault 's law, 

                            in that he understands that I am in a prostitution type role with him because if he can't commit

                            to myself as a full time sex partner,  I am not going to wait on him to decide to

                            or help make a Terrace type relationship happen with his wife/female partner.

            If any Men or couples interested in Adopting me as a Fem-male/Au Pair partner

                                           Contact me at : mikesemery@gmail.com


   My Role in a relationships like with Terrace , I could see as some what like a Au Pair partner / fem-male patner for the male.                               

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In this article I attempt to define the cultural phenomenon of ‘Men Going Their Own Way’ (MGTOW), a contemporary movement that sees men rejecting traditional relationships with women.

MGTOW is anti ‘traditionalism’:
This widespread and increasingly popular stance in the MGTOW movement was elaborated largely by Paul Elam and Barbarossaaa. Traditionalism refers to traditional gender roles for men and women, roles which most everyone in the MHRM/MGTOW movement reject as destructive to a man’s wellbeing and freedom. However a small percentage of self-described MHRAs/MGTOW do advocate traditional gender roles, especially men in the earlier MRM who were split on this question with perhaps half endorsing traditionalism and half rejecting it.

Those advocating traditional gender roles claim men can enjoy significant freedom by stipulating what they are willing to accept as a viable and fair ‘role-division’ in relationships with women – a claim that can be demonstrated, they say, by a study of traditional males who embodied Sinatra’s song “I Did It My Way.Whatever freedom these men pretend to enjoy they are still laboring within that narrow and self-limiting paradigm that requires male utility in exchange for a woman’s charms, which means he continues to live the ‘gynocentric way’ even if he feels he is doing it “his way.” The man must continue to labor outside the home and bring home the bacon, while his wife occupies herself as a homemaker. In terms of logical categories it’s obvious that traditionalism and radical male autonomy are mutually exclusive, meaning that if traditionalists want a full taste of freedom they must, by definition, look for it outside of the traditionalist template.

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Men and women both naturally pair bond. The problem comes in that women’s pair-bonding feature is not for lifetime monogamy, but rather based upon a four year mating cycle called “Rotating Polyandry,” – or serial monogamy - where she seeks a birth-spacing/love cycle of four years (enough time to fall in love, get pregnant, give birth, recuperate, then wean the child until it can walk, talk and feed itself), each time this is complete, she moves on and seeks to pair-bond with a different male to ensure genetic diversity

But, she still pair bonds. The only thing you have to realize is that her pair-bond is designed to be time-limited. Once the timer runs out, her interest in you becomes dark and sinister. Also, one never falls in love as much as one does the first time. It is like sticky tape – the more you apply it, peel it off, and re-apply it, the less sticky it becomes. (Thus why a man, should he try to marry, ought to choose a virgin or one to two previous partners at the most – and you can never be sure, because women lie as easy as they breathe). A woman who has ridden the cock-carousel with 30 men does not pair-bond very easily anymore, and the time-limit on her relationship with you is drastically shortened.

                                                                           A interesting view point 


                                                     Following are some of Robert Briffault's works


         There has never been a " Place " in American Society for ; 

                                                        Transgender types

                                             So when I wanted to be, feel so Feminine, what do you do ? . You don't be !

                                      At least what I did for nearly 25 years, then had to "develop " on my own with no support,

                                     other then from the Men, whom kindly helped me become fully emasculated / femininized.

        I think most females innately need the affirmation of being Feminine, each in varying degrees, in ways that suit them best.

                       I as a Female-roled male, have some pretty big handicaps, thus need to try harder, that's for sure !

                       Being attracted to Posing nude for Artists due to my own personal passion for drawing,art, and the desire to be around like minded people, also allowed myself to see that I could naturally,simply be nude around people with any erotic context in mind, free of such thoughts, to simply pose nude as a Nude human being for them to draw. Expressing my femininity at least in a abstract type way, yet allowing me to be in what I seen as a more female type role.

And being accepted in this Role, was a big deal for myself.

              I think posing also gave me the final courage to accept that I needed to be a Female-roled male for a Man sexually.

              Thus when a Man did finally ask me to be his " girly-boyfriend ", I very much took to the Role, like a fish to water.

                                                    Yet in a away a " Deprogramming and emasculating  process ", began

                            I had to learn not to be like a male, which I started to find is so Socially constructed in many,many ways.

                            I had to start learning to what degree I needed to be Feminine, what felt right, what suited me, what didn't.

                                          I did find that I was correct, in that I am 100% fully heterosexual female like sexually.

                                                                                And that Role is very much Right

                                                 And need a heterosexual Man to be Feminine for, and sexually please.

                                " Human beings have an innate impulse to enforce cultural norms on each other, and self " -unknown

Sadly, Wikipedia shows that there is little knowledge of the dilemma of; " psychologically being lead to believe something is true, which in reality is not ", then how to get out of the belief, which one was lead to believe !

                For myself doing what is good for me , by way of feeling Feminine does help me not be constrained to social norms.

                                                    And posing in the Feminine way I feel is a safe way to express my Femininity 

                                                              At same time deprogramming the male identity from myself.

I know I've spent a lot time, telling a lot of Men , telling them ; " I want to be as Lady-like as I can for you "

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In a previous PT article, “What Turns a Man On? For Some, It’s Feeling Desired,” I discussed how some heterosexual men's desire tends to be "responsive," rather than "spontaneous." These men's strongest turn-on comes from being the object of a partner's passion — which of course can be extremely confusing to their female partners, since it completely inverts the conventional script for heterosexual mating

But as Dr. Joel and colleagues report in their 2015 article, “Sex beyond the genitalia: The human brain mosaic," few men or women have absolutely male or female brains. Most are what she calls “mosaics” — combining brain features typical of your gender with those more typical of the other gender.  

Dr. Joel has an interesting hypothesis for how this “mosaicism” might come into being. She cites a 2001 study which showed that 15 minutes of psychological stress caused certain features of certain neurons in male rat brains to look entirely “female,” 

Dr. Joel wonders whether a similar phenomenon might occur for humans in utero, where patterns of maternal stress might influence the development of fetal brains into “mosaic” patterns, depending on its specific timing and duration. 

Brain science will probably take a long time before it catches up with the complexity of human erotic behavior. But if and when it does, my guess is it will confirm that most of us are in some way a bit of a sexual mosaic. 

The more we learn about human sexuality, the more we realize that people are more erotically diverse than we ever suspected. My guess is the "mosaic" idea will turn out to be an important piece of the puzzle. - psychologytoday.com

                              I know I have felt " Feminine ", since I can remember

  and have always felt I had some sort of birth-defect because I felt I needed to be much

                                                     more like a female.- me

                        Spontaneous vs. Responsive Desire in Women

Most women, for instance, have a strong wish to feel sexually desired. Men also like to be desired, of course. But among the women I see in my office, it’s often much more of a “thing.”

Many women say they don’t feel any spontaneous desire for sex unless it’s stimulated by someone desiring them. As sex therapists, we would say their desire is purely “responsive.” Many women report that feeling desired is what turns them on the most.

Sure, it might be fun once in a while for her to turn the tables and ask him to dance. But if this were the only way to get him out on the dance floor, eventually she might start to feel something was amiss.  

Most men are different. They may enjoy it if their partner passionately wants to have sex with them, but they don’t particularly need to feel desired in order to get turned on. Their desire is more “spontaneous     - psychologytoday.com   

                            I myself very much have need to be " desired " by a Man sexually,
                            I very much " Wanted my Men " to call me and tell me they
                                         Needed,desired to have sex with me,
                                                              In this regard to;
                            By one of my Men " showing me " to one of his friends
                proved to me he really liked how I was performing sexually for him, 
                            and I very much loved the attention of many men.- me

              This has clearly been present in my mind ever since my encounters at age 13, in that I have wanted heterosexual Man / Men 
              (to my liking)to see that I was " Feminine ", desire me and be braver than myself, 
                                                                           " And boldly ,directly ask me to be their girly-boyfriend " 
                                                                              in 1998 when a Man like that did ask me, did take me sexual as female roled,
                                                      It only took him penetrating me, to be fully aware that I had been living my life in the Wrong Role !

Daphna Joel
Daphna Joel, Author of GENDER MOSAIC

I do know with near Certainty, after spending nearly 2 years in Alcohol rehab, and nearly 18 months of it working on my writing 

" Terrace " , which in essence gave me hope, that there could be a realistic way that a heterosexual Man could take me as a life-long

sexual partner / friend by forming the Scenario relationship between Jodi,William and myself. I do know this was a huge factor in overcoming my 

Addiction completely from Alcohol.- me

For myself Daphna Joel's studies are wonderful, as it helps me realize that wanting to be female like sexually all my life, isn't that I have been completely Dreaming !, that I have a highly Femininized mind.

            The Individual unique Environmental  development  

      " I think it is all to often forgot, each individual is unique in the aspects of development "

I always knew I was different in a gender type way, yet how is a youth growing up in a society that is so condemning , let alone just trying to be a child, suppose to find any guidance ?

 Then on top of that " A Society that strives to ; homogenize  Cultural homogenization occurs naturally when the society emphasizes or de-emphasizes aspects of your identity. If people around you disapprove, you look for what they approve of and only show that side, often discarding dress, foods, language, name, in order to fit in."

I know prior to my mother's death in mid 1980's , she had talked to me about fearing that I'd be " born ok ", due to fact that she was

addicted to diet pills while pregnant with me.

The hormonal theory of sexuality holds that, just as exposure to certain hormones plays a role in fetal sex differentiation, such exposure also influences the sexual orientation that emerges later in the adult. Prenatal hormones may be seen as the primary determinant of adult sexual orientation, or a co-factor with genes, biological factors and/or environmental and social conditions. - wikipedia

Proponents of the feminine essence theory could argue that it is an empirical question whether heterosexual male-to female transsexuals manifest a higher prevalence of autogynephilia than do natal females. My view, in contrast, is that the correct control group for such (necessarily survey) research is not natal females but rather homosexual male-to female transsexuals,and that the results of such research have already shown that autogynephilia is characteristic of heterosexual transsexuals (Blanchard, 1989a). Thus, it is unlikely that heterosexual male-to-female transsexuals manifest autogynephilia simply because they resemble natal females.If heterosexual male-to-female transsexuals report sexual arousal from thoughts of being feminine because they are like natal women, then why don’t homosexual male-to-female transsexuals report sexual arousal from thoughts of being feminine? Homosexual male-to-female transsexuals are just as much like natal women, perhaps more so. In summary, my view is that male-to-female transsexuals—more specifically, one class of them—do have at least one important characteristic that is absent in both typical men and women.

         My answer to above question;

          why don’t homosexual male-to-female transsexuals report sexual arousal from thoughts of being feminine?

                                       ♦ is first ask a natal female if she gets sexual aroused by looking  like a female ?

                                           most likely not !, as she knows she is already female / feminine

                                       ♦  just as the homosexual male to female, looking female is nice, yet not sexually arousing,sexual arousal                                               comes from the idea of having a man treat you like a Lady, and the process of that. - my opinion

                                                    " I'm already psychosexually female, dressing is just so as to show identity "

                                 " Many women report that feeling desired is what turns them on the most " - from article above; 

                                   Spontaneous vs. Responsive Desire in Women 

                                                        My sexual arousal is very much " Responsive ", as many women are.

                                                        To be treated like a Lady, desired, made to feel feminine, wanted.

                                                                             "Quite a Dilemma, one might Note" 

                                                                               - When you have a male body-


 You know you're going to be made fun of, called strange, etc. etc.

I have always simply dreamed of living in a Society free from "hate " due to sexual indentity, where I could walk down the street in public, dressed the way that feels right for myself ,and feel not ashamed, be made fun of etc.

                                                            And identify as a " Homosexual male to female person "

               "Homosexual male-to-female transsexuals are just as much like natal women, perhaps more so." - Ray Blanchard

                                                                      Body Language

excerpts from " Sex on the Brain " ;

(Recently, British scientists suggested that this maternal music fits beautifully with the idea that carrying babies on the left helps nurture them emotionally. The position means that a mother would be crooning into the infant’s left ear. Thus the sounds are processed by the right hemisphere of the brain, where neuroscientists think emotions are mainly processed.)