The Good Wolf and Bad Wolf-" inside us all"

I have had a great passion for " Cultural Anthropology " since reading Patterns of Culture by Ruth Benedict,back in mid 1990's

,and this lead to the "egalitarian society"- where the ego is maintained,shamed if it becomes harmful to the whole tribe,
Omo Valley peoples

I imagine if I was alone naked in the woods,would I feel threatened,Vulnerable, if I came to meet a group of peoples whom appear as this?

wouldn't it be fun if kids todays could spend time creating a look as this,art

One thing I was taught in Alcohol Rehab, was to realize when your in a "Lower Self Mode",as you are most Vulnerable for relapse at this time. Fatigue is big one for myself, Boredom is yet doodling/sketching prevents this for me, I have never desired wealth so I am lucky at least for not having to deal with greed of material things,yet I still smoke,so greed of that hinders me.Being very psychologically Feminine also sets me free from Manipulation of Nature, and Closed mindedness to a high degree,competitiveness in a harmful or ego driven way. Much I don't know,yet ; Fatigue, is one I do know,and when I am tired at end of the day, it is best my interactions with people be limited,it is time to spend time with my dog George,walk in woods etc.