" The Habit-Loop "

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 " Three primary characteristics in forming beneficial learning habits are (1) attention, (2) focus and (3) purposeful repetition.  

When improving learning patterns, one can examine his or her behavior, figure out needs for improvement and replace behaviors that are not productive with behaviors that are more desirable.  Habits such as procrastination, absence of focus, impatience or lack of motivation can be intentionally replaced. The fact is, research reveals that our bad habits are most effectively eliminated when replaced by new and different learning habits. Given this understanding as a basis for developing positive patterns of learning, you can choose to develop and follow a plan that is beneficial to your overall well-being and feelings of accomplishment."

"Successful tactics for habit replacement, i.e., changing from poor practices to good practices in learning, may involve using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques. Reducing stress can serve as an example. Intentional replacement of stress and anxiety can take place by substituting a feeling of accomplishment by learning something new."

                                                                                        - psychologytoday.com


                     " Habit of wanting Sex all the time "

                                                                              Some Individual's views

                               I know for myself , I wanted a Man to be " Boning me,ejaculating in me " all the time


                                                       "I can relate , 5 times, or 10 times, never was enough"

            Her feeling " Shame " she must realize is a habit in it's self,(a thought) also may reflect she is only " Human ".

     " I think it safe to say, " In the average person ,a Thought comes before most all Actions, like for myself -picking up a drink ,

                           trying to actually find a man to have sex with, having a smoke, all habits I have or have had "