"The Last Man Standing parties"               

                                                              A role I experienced, pleasing the " Tribe"

                                                                         (getting gang-banged)

 note- copied / pasted here from " Indigo club page "

♥  In 2000, I met a friend of friend whom was routinely boning me,any way this new friend of his had never boned a male,so after we all talked a bit, and I personally felt ok about it, I let them double team me,(his friend wore condom).
 ♥  After they had both ejaculated, we sat around talking and "newfriend" whom was from the Chicago area mentioned these  "parties" he and group of friends (50-60 straight men,married,white,black,any race ) would have, They called them "Last Man Standing parties", they'd  have them at one of the guy's homes in rural area, a estate, big house ,pool and in wooded setting distant from neighbors,  They'd  have maybe 20 beautiful strippers that they hired.  (everybodies nude)
  Everybody had to have been Tested and safe free from HIV all STD's, Once I attended to parties, I had to after that point ;
  " No longer see any body sexually other then the males of the group"
  ♥  The  " Theme " of party was that every male was to " bone " the girls as often as possible / wearing a condoms, yet not to  climax, or in essense by 1am the idea was to still able to get a "erection", yet to have penetrated  each girl (even if only for  a  minute, to have cock fully up in her-bottom or vagina) as many times possible.

  ♥  note- each time a man penetrated myself or the girls, a new condom had to be used, thus bowls of condoms everywhere,  I actual spent a lot time putting the condoms on the men, when they where ready to penetrate myself or the girls'

Seeing I loved getting " Boned"

My newfriend suggest maybe I could come up and be a waitor, dress as a Fem-male, thigh-highs-garter, apron etc. He told me he'd tell his friends or let it be known , that if any of the guys wanted to " Penetrate me " just as they did the girls, they could. It's didn't take much thought on my part, I replied " When is the next party, I very much want to try it "

Just the thought of being with 50 or so nude men with erect cocks whom just might want to bone me like a lady , at same place and time, as a "Fem-male" like me, was over whelmingly erotic, 

  Figuring out what to wear, how I wanted the men to see me was so exciting, I so much want them to a accept me as being  different.yet just treat me as one Girls to !
One thing I do is exercise my tightening my botton muscles while cleaning self with my dildos, So when a man gets his cock up in me I can grip it tight, hang on,,it don't take long and most guys will be ejaculating, but at the partry I at least wanted to give them a taste of what I have to offer as a Femboy, and hopefully they'd want me alone, so I could prove how great "boning" me can feel, and then give me their ejaculation up in me. " My real secret motive of going to parties "- yummy!
 "Getting to be Like One of the Girls"
  I think this might of been the best aspect of the parties, just getting to be like one the girls,them accepting me as a  femboy, having all of them (the girls) see that I could get penetrated as they, wearing my thighs-garter,and padded  top. A comment the girls made was " your better at getting cock up your bottom then most of us "..my reply most  often was " Only was I can be like a Lady, so I practice a lot more maybe ",or " It helps that I love cock in me, just  wish they all could ejaculate in me !"
  ♥  Quite a experience, one minute I might getting a condom on a guy, while another has his cock in my bottom humping me,,I spent a lot of time just masturbating guys! And they very much tried not to climax, for they might for example come up to me,their cock fully erect and ask me if I wanted to ride it for awhile ,usually I did,,so they would lead me to a lounge chair,they sit back on it, I'd straddle them on the chair , lower my down onto their cock and ride it Fem-boy style, maybe 20 seconds then step up off, then maybe say to them , " can't wait tell next time,next ride ".
Because of the setting,context and content, the fact I present myself dressed so feminine and it being a very new experience for all the men , and group approval,  All of the men showed me much attention and where making equal effort as with the girls ,to penetrate me and get up in my bottom for a minute or so of thrusting,,many times each,so for example I might go deliver some drinks to 4 guys sitting at table by the pool . They all might have me sit on their hard cocks , similar fashion as below image ↓
nce I'd talk to guys, telling them I might look male, in my mind, my desires are as much "Female " as any of the girls, and the "need to be bred" by real man,  might even be stronger, cause I am very much not a man in my heart.,  So when you slide you hard cock up in my bottom, your doing me a great favor, in helping me feel " Lady - Like ", not only did this seem to take away the "gay" stigma  thing, they seemed to become empathtic, thus showing me the attention, by making it a point (as a group ) to see that someone  had their cock up in me, as often as possible, so if I wasn't rounding up drinks, wash clothes, etc. I had a cock up in me in some fashion. Other then when I took breaks to douche, have a smoke, it was seldom more then a few minutes that one of the guys was up in me.
Thus ,at times there might be a dozen different tables , that say I did this at in a hours time, I might of sat on 40-50 men's cocks
I figured each guy had been in me at least 8 to 10 times after before 1am (party started at noon) so about 300 to 400 little individual actual quick full depth/pull out penetrations.That was first party which 63 men where there.10 girls and myself.
  " After doing the parties the one thing I know, is I love cock in me, and can be like the ladies in this fashion "
  " I can relate very well to the ladies whom , know sex can be a " Performance ", a way of making a living "
  " Even in this "setting " my own penis stayed tiny/limp, which I greatly wondered how that would go prior to the party"
  (though I did masturbate/ejaculate just before the guys started arriving)
  " My only disappointment, would be at night's end , I very much wished they all could have ejaculated up in me, which  wasn't allowed " → A big reason I thought up the " Indigo club " idea, for me, I very much want a man to be able to  ejaculate up inside my bottom....being copulated/bred is a very important psychological feeling to me, for example even  if I start out giving a guy a hand job, blow job, my objective always is to get him up in my bottom deep, and have him  ejaculate, so I know his semen is in me . I am very much like a female in this regard.
  ♥ Though several of the men whom I really hit it off with, I'd tell them " if they like to " bone me " alone in private at a  later date, I'd really love to have you ejaculate up in me " slip them my number, most would call, thus I'd start seeing  them privately when able, and taking their semen up in me. So by the 2nd year I was going to the " Rituals ", a good  many of the guys had been with me privately, many of which where when they had to come to the city where I live on  business, I'd go see them at their hotel, often it might be 2 from party traveling together, so they'd double team me.
  ♥ In actuality by the 2 year, after getting to know all the men, I wanted to see them all privately, so they could actually  start to routinely ejaculate in me. I thought about moving up there , and starting the "Indigo club " , cause I truly  wanted to be getting " boned " all the time, I felt realistically I could pleasure 6-12 men a day if full time at it and just  have a woodshop, making products etc. So if 6 of the men from parties seen me 1 day,6 the next, 5 days a week.  I'd get ejaculated in 30 times a week, which would be realistic.
  ♥ As much as I love cock in my mouth ejaculating so I can swallow, by that time I was tired of the meeting men , driving  around , me sucking them til they ejaculated, I deep down always wanted them up in me ejaculating, So again how  could I make a safer place where this would work, where I can be dressed " Fem ", be ready to get " boned ", where  all the guys know each other, where say 3 or 4 want(or more) to get together stop by one evening, and gang-bang  me, in reality even today, I love to routinely get gang-banged by all 63 (wearing condoms, pull out and ejaculate in  my mouth so I can swallow- which I have done this with a dozen men with no problem ) in one setting.cause I know I  could handle it.I love semen, With 63 ,I'd have to take of few breaks and drink .note (getting double teamed  semen  from  previous guy isn't  leaking out of my bottom,so not a  issue for the men) but once I've been ejaculated in twice,  my rule is 2 ejaculations I  have to clean myself/ douche
  ♥  One thing I liked a lot the girls accepted me like one of them, like there was a nice big walk in shower the girls  used,they invited me just to shower with them.
In the past, if I have been gang-banged, one man is boning me wearing condom, when and if he has control, when he is ready to ejaculate, he pulls out gets around so I can quickly get the condom off, then begins ejaculating in my mouth, at the same time another guy is getting his cock in my bottom, then humping me ,,doing it again,again,time all are done. I have done this with as many as a dozen guys, and in less then 15 minutes everyone has ejaculated in my mouth.-Many times like this, with same group of guys. (most often I'd tell the last guy to not wear a condom, and ejaculate up in my bottom.)
From 2000 til 2005, I was very much single,self employed, and hadn't gotten my dog George yet.So through out the summer months I was able to attend all 4 of the " last man standing parties ", the parties being great, but being able to meet, the see the guys a individual basis, where they could take their time with me was greatest part.Because I got to know they at this personal level, they could empathize much better with me, and the dilemma of not being able to find one straight male permanent mate, especially where I could publicly dress feminine, because they knew I really wanted to be Female like, they didn't feel their own masculinity threatened, they'd start even telling me things like ;" I glad you are a Fem-male, cause it makes it different, and since I'm married, if you where really female. I most likely wouldn't be seeing you routinely "
  Many guys have told me " I've never had a female like swallowing their semen " or " I've never had a lady want me to fuck them in their bottom "
  Some of the guys , getting to know their personalities, and seemed more stressed often, I might ask them if they might like to really man-handle me , Like I might say to them, " I need you to start telling me what to do !, if you want your cock sucked, pull it out and tell me to start sucking ! " or  if you want your cock in my bottom - " sit down , pull it out, then tell me to come fuck myself on it ! " or " just simply fuck me as hard as you can! .I wanta be your slut, you can fuck me like you want !..I love to get my boy-pussy pounded !, I want my little limp fem-boy penis flapping /slapping like it will fly off! (which I really do )
  " I'd like to have a T-shirt that says something like -
  " I'm a Femboy, with a Real-man's Cock in me,I don't need it,so it stays tiny and limp "
The Point I am trying to make here ;  Might be put like this " Sure maybe there are very few males like myself, whom feel so Female like in their heart and soul , that they desire to be in a relationship like a true Female is, and partner and mate with a Straight male, in a constant everyday way, Yet since society condemns this, individuals like myself have had to seek out many males whom are willing to mate with us in a very part time way..thus it ends up in a more extreme way,in that by finding as many males possible, might improve our chances of finding one, that will commit to be a Full time partner!
Prior to "Last Man Standing Parties"
 I'd meet a man online, flying into my city for business,at near airport hotels, he'd be seeking a Fem-male like myself for either a good blow-job, yet more often then not a good he want a " Fem " he could " bone ", which usually when I left he'd boned me(wearing condom).
 If he routinely came to my city for business, which I seen many men who did (black,white etc.) I most often would let them ejaculate up in me after a few encounters
My problem was I lived 45 minutes from airport.
Yet I would check the chat rooms which where city specific daily, usually there where men wanting a "Fem" like myself , to bone, or just get a blow-job, for example back then Craigslist had the " Men seeking " ads , during the week, if I weren't so selective, I easily could have got " boned ", every night at least once, some night during week quite few times - Just From men Flying into town on business"-...I spent a lot,alot time and  gas driving over to the near Airport hotels, If I knew I was going to meet a man, often I'd post a ad, then on Craigslist that might say " Fem-male going to be at "''''''''' airport between 6pm til 12might, looking to have a kind,caring,safe clean Str8-man fuck me silly -with condom " some times quite few men might contact me ,if was few hours before I left for airport. For example one night I remember well, I seen the man I originally had date with-he boned me-, then 4 others for quickie's, home by midnight. After that 3 of the 5 routinely would call me if they where flying in. Plus I'd tell them if they had a friend whom flew in here regularly, that might wish to meet me,,too call me,,,this happened more then I thought would, and lead to a lot of "getting double teamed" and "gang-bangs", A lot of the guys from the " Last Man Standing " parties, seen nearly once a month by flying in on business, which I very often got "double teamed" from that group of men. this could happen very often,or very little,depended on business they where doing.how long they'd be staying, for example if they where staying 3 nights, often they'd want to bone me all 3 nights
  So, after a few years of this, I had no need to get online, as there where more then a hundred men I met in this fashion that routinely boned me, thus it was very common to be at one of the airport hotels at least once a week.
 I'd often look at the Craigslist ads for large cities like Chicago to see the ads ..there where many, at one time I even wanted to move to Chicago, live near O'hara Airport, so I could meet the men flying in out of there, even to point of doing it full time, and in essense be a Full time Call Fem-male and get paid.
note; Once I became involved with the group of men of  "The Last Man Standing parties" , I only seen them individual, no longer used craigslist......thus eliminated that need, yet not for many others, the Need for some thing like Craigslist's model very much still there (city specific)
I was still going to the hotel's ,yet to see guys from group, the "The Last Man Standing parties"  where held in Chicago area, yet the guys where from all over the country.
By finding this group, most likely saved my life,  as I was safer,  very much like a " Call girl " just a " fem-male"

                         Figuring out better way to Douche, after taking semen to be ready for next man ?

                                    Believe me, when a man like this was going to " bone " me, I had to be ready to take it


                                                                    Mollies allabouthsts.com

One fascinating example of how HSTS was able to persist in Europe was the mollies. These were young homosexual males who dressed as women and sought sex with men. They are best known through the ‘molly houses’ of England, which were public houses that specifically catered to them. These might have had rooms available for the consummation of sex, although often, too, this was performed outside. Full ‘weddings’ were often arranged, with faux priest overseeing, after which the happy couple would consummate their — albeit temporary — union on a bed set up in the same space; meantime the assembled company followed suit. The molly-houses were dens of extreme licentiousness that rival the bars of Pattaya today.

The mollies’ partners were fascinating. We know little about them, because of the universal disapproval of their lifestyle. However, they seem to have been older males who also affected effeminate modes of presentation and were called ‘queenies’. It is possible that these were older mollies whose youthful beauty had passed them by, but they might also have been transvestite autogynephiles. Even today, in the West, AGP males are known to be attracted to younger HSTS and it’s unlikely that this is a recent phenomenon.

In recent years, it has become fashionable amongst revisionist homosexual activists to depict the Molly Houses as being places where modern expressions of male homosexuality took place, or even that they were just ‘meeting houses for male friends’ but these claims are unsupported. They were places where cross-dressed transgender male homosexuals made themselves sexually available to other men.

While there certainly were gender-conforming male prostitutes who served men in cities all over Europe, the Molly Houses were very specific and here, younger males principally played the role of women. That is, they dressed in female clothing and were receptive in sex. Molly Houses hosted formalised role-play including ‘marriages’ where one of the Mollies and a man were united in a bawdy — and probably drunken — pastiche of a religious wedding. This was then consummated on a bed within the premises, as a public spectacle for all to see. Less formal liaisons were called ‘dirty business’ and in these the partners withdrew either outside or to a private room for the act of sex.

The modern Western expression of male homosexuality, called by Michael Bailey ‘egalitarian’, simply did not exist prior to the 1950s.- Europe before 1900: The burning times allabouthsts.com


The beauty of the  " Last Man Standing parties " I was the only homosexual transsexual male at the parties,  the party members were unified in that all knew the Ethics of the event, it was carried out as safely as could be, I could truly get " party fucked " as safely as could be, and meet men I could continue to see on individual basis into the future.