The Nature of Power and Corruption

                                                                  and " Becoming non-corrupt "

excerpt from ;  personal corruption 

   "The notion of personal corruption narrows down the individual’s systematized use of the psychic defense-activity rationalization."


                              On the psychological level the notion of personal corruption encircles the individual’s,

                     misuse of the entrusted power of his or her own conscience. Personal corruption is widespread:

                                                                     in many instances it is the norm.

                     The sign of personal corruption is that the individual regularly tries to righteous wrong actions,

                            referring to others’ wrong actions and/or to the individual’s own earlier wrong actions.

                                                    This is rationalization, a psychological defense-activity.


-------------------------------------------- A look at Corruption as ; lacking integrity " -------------------------------------------------

"Today's modern transnational corporate CEOs-who live in a private-jet-and-limousine world entirely apart from the rest of us-are remnants from the times of kings, queens, and lords. They reflect the dysfunctional cultural (and Calvinist/Darwinian) belief that wealth is proof of goodness, and that that goodness then justifies taking more of the wealth."-unknown