The Only way for change, is by Electing Leaders whom care

Closer to the Heart

And the men who hold high places (or Women or Third-gender : )
Must be the ones who start

To mold a new reality
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart

The blacksmith and the artist
Reflect it in their art
They forge their creativity
Closer to the heart
Yes closer to the heart

Philosophers and plowmen
Each must know his part
To sow a new mentality
Closer to the heart
Yes closer to the heart, yeah, oh

Whoa whoa
You can be the captain
And I will draw the chart
Sailing into destiny
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart
Well closer to the heart, yeah
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart
I said closer to the heart
Well closer to the heart, yeah
Closer to your heart
Closer to your heart, whoa

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                                             -The wise shall lead and rule, and the ignorant shall follow. PLATO.- 

                              In my life time, I have a hard time recalling very many American Leaders , I would call - Wise -

There is no Law that says " as a U.S. voter you must vote " it would of been wise in 2016 if no one voted for Trump or Clinton, and demanded two other cantidates before voting!

One big reason I have and maintain the " Transgender topic " on this site is ;  Unless we as individuals can learn to accept others as ourselves as " Individuals with their own very unique individual culture " , the diversity of that individuals bring, unless all starts at the individual level in a large part, change will not occur at a fast enough rate to match the rate that people of different cultures are " in a sense being put on a small Island together "


If one watchs  Yuval Noah Harari's talk 'The Bright Side of Nationalism', you clearly notice, the great need for " Elected Leader's must be very educated, Wise,self-actualized in order to even ask to Lead ", we can't afford to have leader whom themselves have No Plan, who if asked a question on climate change / impact of humans on the earth ,  for example says " it's not a issue ".


Way I see it is all countries must be such as -States of the Country- " Earth "..we must embrace this or the outcome isn't likely ;

                                                                                           to be good

No Birth Year- a concept I've pondered as a national effort, say as a trial by state,  it is very important to start making use of the diversity of " States ".. the no birth year idea would be voluntary, thus seeing just how well people can organized/adapt..to do something for the greater good, as over-population is the base root problem of human impact on Earth.

                                           " A beauty of platforms like YouTube "

If your a person whom is desiring to be a " Leader " ,you better be talking as people ,such as these on this page, so the people whom you wish to elect you can see,hear your leadership ideas!- that's how " State " / society should evolve. I you can't get up and talk like these individuals, why would you waste societies time....who is fooling who ?

      I very much believe, canidates now, in order to be elected , must present themselves by way of this type platform, and the people demand that they do.

                                                        A " Platform " for example held by way of " Oxford Union "


Verse this Type of Superficial, nonsense people are being exposed to

Unless we as " The people decide to take the Time, to study,educate selves on Whom to elect, change can't occur , nore are we really any thing resembling a " Democracy ".  -simple-