The Sign Painters

We have to Remember these Folks are trying to help a Art not Die, by showing Us how it is done,"The Art of a Craft ", if not Nutured,could be lost.

I don't know if I can explain,but will try, below are - sign printers- to myself this simply culturally represents "Mass production", which is the very thing that is destroying "Us" psychologically on a Individual basis.

I would rather see 100 sign painters employed,making a living,making Art, involved in a great "Meditation", then 1 individual in some shop printing out vinyl letters,or some computer configured logo. Once we gave the One that power, Though I sure not by intent, that One , destroys the Lives of the 100.
    Another example of the Power of Mass production,  Lets say we had 100 auto manufactures in America, all employing 200 hundred people, that made from 20,000 - 50,000 dollars a year, besides the big Three auto makers. Only then could True Creativity take place.     This goes for every aspect of "Making"

    Mass Production is in Essense the Enemy of  Diversity

Richer Life Experience

Diversity is colorful! What if everyone who surrounded you was exactly like you, in every way? Where is the fun in that? We need new ideas, views, and practices to stimulate and inspire us, to show us the way others eat, celebrate, and love!

Together, our differences make a strong, beautiful, world community. Even in the face of intolerance, discrimination, and violence, we must not forget to spread the word about the importance of diversity and to respond to that violence with a love and a celebration of our differences.

If One thing I hope for the young people today, that would be to see "Mass production" for what it truly is, eliminate it, so that only a certain few, rule,like large Corporations, those who enter into a market,with  no concern for the " Tribe " the " Whole ".

   In a very short time in history, We clearly can see what " Mass Production " has done,is doing, in a way it is Like a Cancer spreading, and the worst part is we are buying into the " Belief " it is the "Way", and "Only Way", only a 120 years ago, it wasn't. 

  With the Technology we have today,the speed of transport,etc.  There is no reason a Company, say in Dubuque ,Iowa, could not be building 200 trucks a year (their own Brand) , selling them for 35,000 dollars  7,000,000, employ's say 100 individuals that averages 70,000 per year, equally, divide in half cost of vehicle (material alone) 17,500, ,,It can be Done!