"Theory of Mind and Plato's Forms"

                                               I do believe , Plato's passion was to guide society into the right direction,

                                      I think he had a very good understanding that everybody sees the world differently,

                                                                            has their own individual thoughts,

                                                             Thus , lets imagine he created the idea of Forms,

                                                                               As a " Common Goal ",

                                Thus it conveys,defines to a group,society of people, "this is what we must strive for ",

                                maybe we will never fully attain this "Goal" yet at least we can be on the same page.

                                   Thus it is the " Ideal ", and all we can have as a Whole/group is the idea of the "Ideal"


For example, as a carpenter, if some one comes to me and wants a house built, I need a " blue-print ", then and only then can they and I form a common thought of that which is to be " Created "

                       Might seem simple. yet in our society today, name one common , defined goal all people can or do have ?

Essentialism is the view that every entity has a set of attributes that are necessary to its identity and function.[1] In early Western thought, Plato's idealism held that all things have such an "essence"—an "idea" or "form". In Categories,

                                                         Theory of Forms as " Defined Objective "

                            Kinda like " See this is for everybody to See, thus now there can be a " Common Goal "