"Transcending Culture"


"No man ever looks at the world with pristine eyes. He sees it edited by a definite set of customs and institutions and ways of thinking." Ruth Benedict

        -Pre-Concieved Notions-


I am a a lot like Leo explains himself being " just always out on the edge of culture,no belonging to any culture ", yet this allows one to see a culture much clearer.

I think Ruth Benedict wrote much ,with this ability or was a virtue / trait of her's

a Comment about Leo's video "Rant against Culture";


Leo, Another fantastic rant and it resonates with me so much because I am about to embark on leaving the place I was born in (Montreal, Quebec) and moving to Holland, which is where my Dad comes from, to be an artist and live my life’s purpose. I’ve been trying to communicate my distaste of this place with friends and family, but I could never have explained it so eloquently as you did here. I can no longer live comfortably in this society where I feel the collective consciousness is too low. I am not happy here, nor do I feel I can reach my full potential and self actualize in this community. I want to be surrounded with nature, art, beauty, not distracted by commercial Western influences. I want to actually live MY OWN LIFE, instead of being bombarded by images and stories of other people’s lives or lifestyles through the media. I love how you describe it as “transcending culture”, it’s a beautiful way to explain it, not defacing it, by accepting that it exists but that you don’t have to be influenced by it. You can live amongst it but only with awareness is it made truly harmless. I am enjoying becoming aware, thank you again for your insightful gifts.


                                                                     Studying  Culture a bit,

             "first like using a Compass, one must know where they stand, in order to find direction to where they wish to go"

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From my view point and research, it seems "Materialism" is created by Capitalistic mindset, yet very much is a social construct / as much as a Addiction.