"Transcending the Ego"

Maybe the number One Paradoxs of Life is " Until Ones decides to only Seek the Truth, can One transcend the Ego, yet to transcend the Ego, one Must only Seek the Truth, and at the same time Knowing that the most Purest Form of the Truth, will not be Known, Yet One must Only Seek this Highest Form of,."The Idea Of"

       Then The Second Paradox might be " Unless one can Over-Come "Pre-Concieved Notions", One can not become                                                                               "Open-Minded"


I like how the Author of" Independent Spirituality" takes a position of No religion is a "Special group", understanding this in itself is a Form of "Collective Ego" which becomes "individual ego" within the religion it's self. So a ego trap, which in it's self prevents ever transcending the ego! -me

I also believe religions, due to their " collective ego ", have created a " ego shield " in the individuals of that that religion it's self.

          examples;  When I was in alcohol rehab, at Salvation Army adult rehab (ARC), in Detroit, MI. , which is a Christian based                                       organization, They made it clear,they wished us to find strength in a higher power, yet a higher power of our own                                 belief, thus they didn't force Christianity on us. I myself simply believe in all religions,with "Nature" it's self holding                                 " That Above All ", yet all religions can hold great wisdom.  I got along very well there , and felt no threat.                                               So, for example ; Most people have some form of religion, even Atheism is a religion idea of belief.                                                                        They Key is to Know         "Mine is not Special "

                                This is one very important reason I have kept my "Androgyny" related topic pages on this site, As it is                                        part of my Belief / culture, yet I not for one moment expect others to believe as I do, I do know to get                                          along safely, without harm etc, We all have to ; 1. Not force our beliefs on to others( for example I have                                       had Jehovah's Witnesses knocking at my door, not that I am insecure in my own belief, yet if I where                                    say Governor of Iowa, I would support a ban on this.). Let say I was a part of a Group of Androgyny's,                                  and we went door to door spreading our belief?. -That puts People in a uncomfortable position!, just as                                a Jehovah's Witnesses knocking at my door does!                                                                                                                                                                                               2. If some one by way of their belief is not harming                                        society, We have to Transcend our own Ego's to accept, or we ourselves are creating Harm.                                                                                                    A Grand Paradox!

                                                    I do know there is no "Special religion", no "Special individual"

                                               Yet One Special Enity "Special" and common to all , known as " Nature"


Excerpts from " independentspirituality.com/transcending-the-ego "

                          Transcending the ego is a number one priority for a person to attain the ultimate goal.

                          The ego plays three themes in life. The “Me” number one, the feeling “special” concept. Control and power, the ego thrives on having control and power over others. The Victim, the ego loves to play the victim, drawing attention to the victimization of the person that draws attention to the person. The ego is related with pure self-centeredness, which drives a person’s selfishness, greed, and arrogance. Considering that the ego is the source of darkness, for a person to advance spiritually and attain a deep meaningful friendship with the Almighty Divine Source; that person has to use action to humble oneself and understand about transcending the ego.

                        " The person that identifies themselves with the body is living the delusion of the ego. The ego survives within the delusion that the individual is the doer of their own action, the person is the body, and takes credit. Thus, when the body dies, the person must die, which is the common belief, except for members of religion because the ego has them deluded to the point that they’re special and they are saved. Every religion thrives on being the “special group” and they’re saved because of their belief, which is false. Consequently, the person can justify their life through their religion, because they believe they are saved. As a result, justification is an ego driven characteristic that allows the ego to enjoy its survival, along with living a selfish and greedy lifestyle because of feeling special. The comment, “everyone makes mistakes, you will be forgiven” is ego driven thinking. Karmic bonds will be attached.


Action required for Transcending the Ego

The people that teach enlightenment have had a lot of influence within the subject of Transcending the Ego. The concepts of the ego are easy to teach once comprehended. The problem is that many teachers have fashioned a dogmatic position. If the guru declares a person is enlightened then that person is convinced that they attained enlightenment. Enlightenment is related to a higher level of consciousness not an emotional episode. The ego is trampling all over these public teachers because they declare in public that they are a special person; the crafty ego gets just what it wants attention. Consequently, the ultimate goal is out of reach because of the sly behaviors of the ego. The public eye totally opposes transcending the ego. The teacher sets himself up by being special because people are looking up to him and idolizing him. Thus, very few spiritual teaches that receives attention on a public level can transcend the ego properly.


Transcending the ego resides within:

Seeking and claiming the power within is the only way to transcend such things as: the ego, the senses, emotion, attachment, results of our action, other peoples perceptions, this world, sense objects.

Continually being in touch with our inner Self (spirit) and understanding this is where our reality is situated – comprehending the formless spirit that resides within is eternal is a way to transcend the ego. This fact of reality boggles the personality of the ego. Realizing that what we do, is not the I-ego, but giving the Glory and doer-ship to the Almighty Divine Creator, the ego loses its power. The source of doer-ship is the Creator that resides within.

Humility – the action of lowering oneself is vital and pivotal to Transcending the Ego. Once a person is able to see a small aspect on how the ego operates, at that time, the person can work at transcending the ego.

                                                     Meek/humble etc.


"What characterizes an awakened perspective is the awareness that any dogmatic position is incompatible with freedom." –                                                                                                                                                                                                                Nagarjuna.