Trauma / Stress / Addiction aspect of  -" Trans "

                                      At about 26:27, Gabor talks about reason for sex addictions in Homosexuality

                                                                                   He states ;

                                       " Desperation to be loved , wanted , belong and desirable "

                                                          And it is a Adaptation

                                                                                   " Process "

                                     Like in 1998, a big motivator for me to start Modeling for Art classes was to ;

                                            " Belong to a Group of like minded people who loved to Draw, Art "


                                                At same time had been living very " Isolated , celibate , "

                                               Just Working all the Time, self-employed as carpenter

             And modeling helped me realize my need to feel Feminine, and need to be a Man's Fem-male boyfriend.

                                         Why the Addiction ? → Why the Pain ?

Ginger Lynn

Mid 1980's

I didn't start to realize that I was losing my battle to the fact that I needed to be in Female role, until the cuckolding desires started, and then I happening to see Ginger Lynn perform fellatio in one of her movies, and realizing I wanted very much to be doing what she was doing, and not as a male, I realized I wanted to like a actual female, like her. Still I suppressed those feelings again and again.