12/25/2019         Truth and Spirituality of Nature

                                                            "At least for myself, there is no Higher Force"

And no human,no groups of humans, religions,beliefs have ever explained, or likely will ever have the capacity to fully understand;


                                                             I think this is why " Humanity " discovered ;   " Prayer "

                                                       As one doesn't need a religion,a god or gods in order to Pray.

                                                As Prayer can be seen as " Hope ", when there is " Nothing Left to Do "

                                                     Thus One has to ask One's self ;  " What, are you Praying to ? "

              Most likely " Prayer " is then why we as humans had a need to create gods,super-natural beings etc. to pray to.

                                                                   ( again the Seal of Certainty dilemma )


I do know from my own experience, One does not need god, or gods, super-natural beings to be Spiritual, to be able to achive high morals, great love of another, and that it is as the Good Wolf / Bad Wolf concept portrays 

                                             " It's up to you, and that which you choose to Nurture "


                                                      Were these guys praying ?, what for ?, and to whom or what ?,

                   I know myself, I'd be praying to human nature, in that, Who ever built this thing I am flying in, built it Right !

       Hopefully in next 10 years Christianity will have lost their influence over Humanity

                And any other religions whom hold their followers by "Fear", we don't anymore fears then what we already have,

                  besides that, when have you ever heard a Christian leader promote having a great connection with Nature,

                                                 " Which we Know is Real "

You can't watch about the What , Albert Einstein discovered, and realize the Force of Nature, then still think a bunch monks or whoever wrote the bible, and believe they had ability to write the truth. Least I can't

I think it is a inherit trait of being human to believe there is a much greater Force out there, that much is True, call it Nature, and I believe we need a Force to " Pray " too !.  Once you have something New to " Pray " too !, you've fill the Void left by Old beliefs.


For myself the Title says a lot; 

                                                                 As isn't Enough to Accept Nature created what is before me to See,

                                                         Without injecting into my perception it was created by something other then the -me


I think the greatest mistake of religions is  ; " Leading people to think that their Way is the Only Truth "