11/10/2019     When Culture's Ideology is " Heterosexism "

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       This as Major conflict with Nature, when aspects of Homosexuality are clearly a element of Human history, and Evolution.


                                In the sense defined by French Marxist philosopher Louis Althusser,

       ideology is "the imagined existence (or idea) of things as it relates to the real conditions of existence". 

      " Ideology is a system of belief or core values. Every human being has a personal ideology and belief                system cultivated from upbringing, experiences and reflection.

Individual and group level

Heterosexism as a set of beliefs and attitudes relies on a core tenet according to which homosexuality and bisexuality do not normally exist and, as such, constitute mental illnesses or deviant behaviors.[25] Within a heterosexist ideology or mindset, the concept of sexual orientation is rejected or deemed irrelevant. A set of more nuanced heterosexist views, which some may consider faith, dogma, universal truths, natural law, appeals to authority, or popular beliefs, but others consider to be conventional wisdom or sociobiological knowledge can include, among others, the following: 

  • Non-heterosexual persons should keep their sexual orientations private (i.e., they should remain "closeted").[1] p. 15
  • The attitude that gay men aren't "real" men or lesbians aren't "real" women because of the socially pervasive view that heterosexual attractions or activities are the "norm" and therefore superior.[16]
  • "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve (or Madame and Eve)" and similar essentialist cultural notions that maleness-masculinity and femaleness-femininity are complementary;
  • Homosexuality being wrong, ungodly, and against nature, it is therefore a sin, evil or subhuman.[1] p. 18
  • Views identical or akin to Anita Bryant's statement during her Save Our Children campaign in the U.S. (See campaign brochure image at right):
"As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children."
  • Because of their lifestyle, homosexuals do not have families with children, so they undermine the survival of the human race (natalism).
  • Homosexuality is an affectional or mental disorder or simply a social ill, therefore, it can be cured or stamped out. If it is not eradicated, it will lead to social disintegration and societal collapse.
  • Homosexuals can be converted to heterosexuality.[1] p. 109

                                                                                                                                                                   - wikipedia

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Following on the heels of Marx, the Italian activist, journalist, and intellectual Antonio Gramsci offered a more developed theory of ideology to help explain why the revolution did not occur. Gramsci, offering his theory of cultural hegemony, reasoned that dominant ideology had a stronger hold on consciousness and society than Marx had imagined.

Gramsci's theory focused on the central role played by the social institution of education in spreading the dominant ideology and maintaining the power of the ruling class. Educational institutions, Gramsci argued, teach ideas, beliefs, values, and even identities that reflect the interests of the ruling class, and produce compliant and obedient members of society that serve the interests of that class. This type of rule is what Gramsci called cultural hegemony.

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                                                          Ideological state apparatuses (ISA)

According to Althusser, the obviousness that people (you and I) are subjects is an effect of ideology. Althusser believes that there are two functions of interpellation. One function of ideology is "recognition" and the other function, its inverse, is "misrecognition". Below are a few concrete illustrations that Althusser provides to further explain the two functions:

  1. When a friend of yours knocks on your door, you ask "Who's there?" The answer, since it is obvious, is "it's me". Once you recognize that "it is him or her", you open to the door. After opening the door, you see that it truly is he or she who is there.
  2. Another illustration reflects Althusser's idea of reconnaissance. When recognizing a familiar face on the street in France, for example, you show him that you have recognized him and that he has recognized you by saying "Hello, my friend". You also shake his hand when speaking. The hand-shake represents a material ritual practice of ideological recognition in every-day life of France. Other locations across the world may have different rituals.
"every 'subject' endowed with a 'consciousness' and believing in the 'ideas' that his 'consciousness' inspires in him and freely accepts, must act according to his ideas, must therefore inscribe his own ideas as a free subject in the actions of his material practice

Educational ISA, in particular, assume a dominant role in a capitalist economy, and conceal and mask the ideology of the ruling class behind the "liberating qualities" of education, so that the hidden agendas of the ruling class are inconspicuous to most teachers, students, parents and other interested members of society.[2]:1493–1496 Althusser said that the school has supplanted the church as the crucial ISA for indoctrination, which augments the reproduction of the relations of production (i.e. the capitalist relations of exploitation) by training the students to become a source of labour power, who work for and under capitalists."


"A mindset can also be seen as incident of a person's world view or philosophy of life."

"A mindset may be so firmly established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to               continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools"


                    For example; My Mindset concerning my gender identity would be " Third-gender", my sexual identity is "female" or to                                               only be in the female role. For example when a male is allowing me to sexually pleasure him by way of

                                          masturbation (hand-job), performing fellatio on him, or he is penetrating me anally;

                                                                                         it seems non-homosexual

                                           because I am psychosexually female like, or I have no desire to be like a man sexually.

                                              In Essense, I am so psychosexually female like, it is so much against my ideology,

                                          it would be next to impossible for me to even get a "Erection " in order to be in male role,

                                                                       I have no real desire to have a orgasm, or ejaculate

                                   For example, last time I tried having sex with a female, I could pleasure her orally,yet was unable to get

                                                                      get erect, as that felt wrong and against my ideology,

                                                                Even by orally giving her pleasure, I felt like I was a Lesbian

                                                                                     or it felt like a homosexual act.


                                And from my experience ; " How a person is sexually, their ideology of it , greatly reflexs just how;

                                                                " primitive they are or they are not "


                                                                         Third-Gender type

    I myself have always considered myself as psychologically female like, psychosexually female, with male body

Under the modern Western concept of homosexuality, sex between a member of the third gender and a masculine male would be termed as homosexuality.  None of the ancient cultures, however, saw it that way.  Third gender meant (and still means in many cultures) a different sex category altogether.  Third gender males are not considered men, either by themselves or by their society. 

Sex or sexual desire between the third gender and masculine males have always been considered as heterosexual rather than homosexual. 

                                                                                             What a rough life

, yet we all are different in so many,many ways- host, Hannah Brooks does great job in interviewing

               Aprox; 1:50, what kind of human beings  shoves two off cliff to death, because they( two males) where having sex ?

                 As much as it hurts, I think the only way to deal with some people is the way Woodrow does it in scene above.

                 We are fooling ourselves if we think we are truly ....."Civilized to a high degree",  a long,long rough road is ahead.

One thing I battled most my life is major long term depression, as Robert states, it's very biological in many cases, thus why would anyone think transsexualism, not be biological as well....it is our brains formed differently

Robert Sapolsky, states the World health organization estimates by 2025 depression will be 2nd         most debilitating illness world wide. Means We are really doing something very Wrong!

                      And it sure ain't due to a few Third-gender / transgender peoples

                                       More likely from Misery seeks Company !........??

                For myself , the above paper greatly represents a " poorly developed society ", in a profoundly symbolic way.

                                               And if under-developed in this way ? , how many other ways as well ?


I think the below video where  psychologist Jan Derksen and philosopher Katrine Smiet talk about,

Jordan Peterson, his seemly worry of the break from " traditional ' views on gender identity, helps explain where we are culturally on the topic of " transgenderism"

                     Most Important thing is to understand Peterson is intelligent, yet extremely bias, and ideological - my opinion