Why do We Like,What We Like

I think it is Always helpful to ask ourselves this simple Question " Why Do I Like This ; " and really inquiry into the question.

For example I might ask myself the following question of ,say Scuba diving

                                                                                                          Drawing / sketching

                                                                                                          Nature / the Woods

                                                                                                          to be effeminate

                                                                                                          to build with Wood

     Find the Question, then Inquire ,one might call this a form of " Empathy toward Self ", as Empathy to me is "Inquiry/ Attention".

        Remember for me, Empathy is without judgement,emotion,it is simply seeing the real,the truth.

I also believe the degree One can be Empathtic,toward anything Person,Place or Thing, is to the degree we are Civilized. For example if a wild animal shows signs of Empathy ,the higher evolved it is.Empathy is,at least in my definition, can only truly occur if Attention occurs,sympathy and compassion my occur first(emotions),and remain,say as Love of;, or pain of;, Empathy is there to know,ask,see,how the Love or the Pain came to Be.I believe We can not only have great empathy for other people ,yet also any living thing,,   
           I think this is a big part of being Spiritual,seeing the World from a Non-Duality perspective.

    "Perhaps one of the most defining features of humanity is our capacity for empathy – the ability to put ourselves in others’ shoes. A new University of Virginia study strongly suggests that we are hardwired to empathize because we closely associate people who are close to us – friends, spouses, lovers – with our very selves." a excerpt from Human Brains Are Hardwired for Empathy, Friendship, Study Shows

I Love Wood,when I see a piece of wood,I see a Life,I often wonder where did it grow,in it's branchs,did animals set,the leaves it held,how old was it.on ,on my thoughts can go!

With a Plastic thing,I never see Life! -with in it

What are we naturally attracted to?,Why is our Favorite Color,what it is?,Why is One attracted to another person,place or                    being,thing in the way,in what intensity?

       What do being "Inspired" mean verse, say a "need", or just "Want"

For example,when posing nude,I always like posing for female artists more so then males,not because I looking for a date,or any sexual motivations,I always tried  projecting .Look at Me,just as a Human being. I think because I am so Feminine internally,I feel more comfortable being with females while nude.(I relate to being like them as female) .  I have wondered at times how a female feels while posing for a group of male photographers,do they feel they are being viewed by many, in a sexual context ? 

For myself ,a similar situation might be posing for a group of black males,whom know I am a fem-male,with a history of dating black men,then how would I feel?,would be able to not get sexually excited?and just be professional,would I flirt with them ?, even in my mind, wishing one of them might want to ask me for a date?.

Then which one of the men might I most be Attracted to?,will it be physical appearance first ?,then if there is one of the guys,that shows signs of sincere interest in me,is kind,without Ego,when will physical attractiveness's importance dissolve?

I know I will not be sexual attracted to any of the Females,yet which will I be attracted to in terms of "Friend-ship" ,wish to be in "Company of",will it be physical appearance first?,will it be very similar to the Males in the above scenario, yet my desire is "inspiration" and " to be in the Company of"

      For example I have always wished to be a female Artist's live in artist's model/companion,(non- sexual ). Yet if I where a Male artist's  model/companion, I would have to like them very well,and my offer myself to them sexually ,yet only as Fem-male,(they would have to see me as female,or in traditional female role.(I can't sexually be with a male whom wishs the female role)

I can relate to "Animism and Projecting" in many ways- especially in the regards of how the Artist must try to see the Model ,simply as a "Being" and not project "preconceived notions" onto the model "free their mind of thought"

Just as we Look at a Human being,any Animal,plant ,creature,rain drop,rainbow,-See it's Life- try to see it without a "Name attached",as that is" Man-Made",imagine you need to gather of what you see, "It's very Essense",where did it come from,how was it created,and Form,it's character. Make a " Name " of it for yourself,forget about what someone has maybe told you of what your seeing,"See it For yourself"-me 6/29/2018  -this is difficult,yet can be done,and is the door to the Highest Spiritual development,in my view.And the Key to overcoming "Pre-Concieved Notions"

The Art we chose,desire helps us understand ourselves,if we allow it.

For example I have always been drawn to the "Hermaphrodite" such as Hermaphroditus.

HERMAPHRODITOS (Hermaphroditus) was the god of hermaphrodites and of effeminates. He was numbered amongst the winged love-gods known as Erotes.
Hermaphroditos was a son of Hermes and Aphrodite, the gods of male and female sexuality.

                                                             Fake Flooring and Fake People                                                  

                                                                  a article by Liane Gabora Ph.D.

    "There has been a growing encroachment of fake stuff: gold-painted fixtures made to look like real gold, countertops made to look like marble, concrete made to look like rocks, vinyl siding or laminate flooring made to look like wood. Even synthetic turf. The rationale is simple: the fake stuff is cheaper to make and transport, or easier to care for. The seller gets all the customers that would like the real thing but can't afford it or don't have time to care for it, and the buyer gets the next best thing to the genuine stuff. But is it better to surround oneself with stuff that revels in what it is, or to surround oneself with stuff that pretends to be something it's not?

Is anyone really fooled into thinking that the lamp is made of gold or the siding is made of wood or the engineered countertop is made of marble? I'm no expert but I can pretty much instantly tell when stuff is fake, so if I can tell than anyone can. And when something is detected as being fake, it has two strikes against it: Not only is it (1) made of a cheap material, but it's (2) pretending to be something it's not.

What's the subtext here? The human mind uses everything it encounters as a potential metaphor for everything else. The message for kids growing up surrounded by fake stuff is: rather than learning to come to terms with and appreciate what things really are, how things really are, who you really are, just fake it. Conceal, cover up, pretend that you and everything around you is a notch up from what it really is. This is what kids learn growing up surrounded by fake stuff, and this is why they can justify spending their lives inventing even faker stuff.

Our cognitive processes are very much affected by what we see. Accordingly, we judge fake products to be a success if, at least for a second or two, they fool our eyes. But I'm not so sure that our emotions and general sense of wellbeing are influenced by what we see so much as by how things feel, how they reflect sound, how they conduct heat, and how they influence all kinds variables that we have no specific sensory apparatus designed to tap into but which influence us nevertheless. In my twenties I used to go spelunking and every time I went I came back feeling invigorated and exhilarated. I figured it was the exercise and companionship, and the excitement of exploring dark, forgotten places. Years later, on holiday, I went in a little room carved out of a rocky hillside and experienced a sudden, strong sense of wellbeing. I went out of the 'room' to see if was connected to being in it. The sense of wellbeing disappeared. I went into the room and it returned. It was striking. I concluded that I simply feel good when surrounded by rock. The rocky room was not particularly attractive, so it had nothing to do with what my eyes were detecting. I think people like wood floors not just because they feel good but also because they look nice, so that's a bit more complicated. But it's possible that they attribute their liking of wood floors to how they look, when really it comes from something else that isn't so readily faked.

If all I can afford is laminate flooring, then give me a playful laminate design rather than a wood-wannabe. If I can't afford a marble countertop then give me a cheery, scratch-resistant surface to chop veggies on, rather than snooty faux-marble. This blog is more of a rant than others have been, and I admittedly know nothing about flooring and siding and so forth. But I'm genuinely puzzled as to why so many people buy fake stuff. Sometimes you just have to call it like you see it."  - Liane Gabora Ph.D.

I always have dreamed of being a flight attendent,like the girls