Why Life Drawing is the Ultimate Direct experience

                           Self -Expectations of Life Drawing class

                    I being a model and artist know from both points of view, the Dynamics of my own self-expectations, the fear of will I                             draw well tonight if as a Artist, or will I pose well as a Model

                    If I am posing for a college life drawing, I know the Expectations,self or imposed on them by the Insitution,Instructor etc.                       

                        My feeling of the Whole Experince is ; " We are here as Group and working together "Trying"

Few excerpts from ;  First Figure-Drawing class / thoughtco.com


Overcoming Shyness

There's no need to feel shy or embarrassed at your life drawing class. Professional models are used to posing nude and being observed by the artist. The model is not to be touched at any time, but the teacher may strike a pose themselves to demonstrate how they want the model to be placed. Poses should always be tasteful, in the manner of classical art — life class is not the place for 'pushing boundaries' or risque poses. You'll find that you are soon so focused on the problems of drawing the body as a collection of lines or values that you'll forget any awkwardness about nudity.

Showing Your Work

During the life drawing class, the teacher may walk around, looking at each person's work and offering suggestions. Don't be shy about showing your teacher your work, no matter how terrible you think it is — they are there to help and can suggest ways to improve. Sometimes your model may also look at work during breaks. They may well be artists themselves, so feel free to chat with them about your work. Don't feel bad if you feel it isn't a great drawing — figure drawing is about many things and flattery isn't one of them.

Many life classes include a group discussion, with everyone turning their easels in to see how each student handled the same pose. This can be very daunting for beginners. Remember that everyone was a beginner once and that you can all learn from each other's mistakes — and often even a beginner's work has many wonderful qualities that can be enjoyed, as well. Try to offer constructive thoughts about other students' work.

                                            "We are all Students to a Degree and in Situation"

In general, think in terms of stretching the students' minds by stimulating them and encouraging them to achieve as much as they can, not in terms of "protecting" them from failure or embarrassment.

I did a web search with this Question ; "expectations placed on the art student in life drawing class"

       from this question , A result as follows ; 
             Five Reasons Why We Need Art    5. Art is a Shared Experience: The creation of art is a collective activity. Art forms such as dance, theatre and choir all require a group of artists and an audience. Even the solitary painter or poet relies upon the craft of the paint-maker or book-binder to help create art. Art offers us a reason to come together and share in an experience. We need art to keep us connected.

---------------------------------------------------The Aura of----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I like how Walter Benjamin’states ; 

The Aura has disappeared in the modern age because art has become reproducible. Think of the way a work of classic literature can be bought cheaply in paperback, or a painting bought as a poster. Think also of newer forms of art, such as TV shows and adverts. Then compare these to the experience of staring at an original work of art in a gallery, or visiting a unique historic building. This is the difference Benjamin is trying to capture.

The aura is an effect of a work of art being uniquely present in time and space. It is connected to the idea of authenticity. A reproduced artwork is never fully present. If there is no original, it is never fully present anywhere. Authenticity cannot be reproduced, and disappears when everything is reproduced. Benjamin thinks that even the original is depreciated, because it is no longer unique. Along with their authenticity, objects also lose their authority. The masses contribute to the loss of aura by seeking constantly to bring things closer. They create reproducible realities and hence destroy uniqueness. This is apparent, for instance, in the rise of statistics.

Benjamin also discusses the impact on actors of performing for a machine instead of a human audience. He suggests it is an uncomfortable experience in which the body is deprived of substance. There is a feeling of strangeness, similar to looking in a mirror, but with the mirror image separable and transportable. (The idea of the mirror is central to ego-formation in psychoanalysis, and the idea of an alienated double is widespread in fairy tales). The experience is of the capture of one’s ‘heart and soul’, not only one’s labour.

                                                    The Model is really there.directly there,in the same space,time



All sketching is a great meditation,and at no time a waste of time,,whether sketching from a photo or simply memory and one's mind's eye..yet the photo is like the Map and can not replace the real model

The Real Thing

The map–territory relation describes the relationship between an object and a representation of that object, as in the relation between a geographical territory and a map of it. Polish-American scientist and philosopher Alfred Korzybski remarked that "the map is not the territory" and that "the word is not the thing", encapsulating his view that an abstraction derived from something, or a reaction to it, is not the thing itself. Korzybski held that many people do confuse maps with territories, that is, confuse models of reality with reality itself...for myself this is why photography can be artistic,yet can not likely achieve status of Art

The Social experince

The group of artists/students of art and the model make up a small "Society" (a great model for a larger Society)

Attention -in a life drawing session,the Model holds the Artist's undivided attention

Life Drawing class directories

Thomas Rowlandson

For myself ; posing is about learning to draw .helping the artist, yet as much it is about Evolving, learning new ways, leaving un-needed behind- So, for example as Society evolves greatly with technology,it must equally,or attempt evolve psychologically. I believe We, have reached a critical point where psychologically Society as a Whole is far behind the technologically bringing together of World Cultures, thus We Must psychologically prepare for a "Clash of Cultures" in a peaceful,kind,accepting way.                                      on that note ; For example in 1997, I first started shaving myself, (genital area)  as above,it was a shock at first to the class,yet in a short time, it was just normal, for the classes, never heard anyone whispering,etc about it, And I modeled for a lot of different schools,class etc. and was always welcome to model, so I was widely accepted. However if I were to get a vaginoplasty, would I be allowed to even model , and then accepted ?


                                                                        And being a Eunuch is a different "Culture"

The "Clash of Culture thing" , I can't stress enough, isn't that it's not going to occur, just to what degree,and how gracefully. We wanted ;          Technology !, yet like Newton said  " For every Action, there is a equal and opposite Reaction

For myself reasons unknown,  Laetitia Casta is my idea of most beautiful women I've ever seen


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