" Woods Fairy "


As a sketch artist we are trying to perceive the World as it truthfully is, to do this we must psychologically set aside as many cultural judgements, see as a child again, sure we live in a dangerous world, our minds are constantly constructing dangers, real or un-real.

     How ever once a situation is deemed un-dangerous, then our minds can be free to see as a child again, one reason Life drawing classes are so important, it creates this Safe place.

     Once the students realized for example, My number one reason being there posing for them was "To help the evolve their Drawing/ sketching / seeing the world just as it is", that I was not there for money / a job, that I my self understood the great need for constant practice, in order to do what we where doing, and to do it as well, as possible meant much more then pulling pencil to paper, that it is 99% psychological, if one can hold a Pencil, can get their mind right,one can sketch just as well as "Da Vinci", " Escher", any of the Greats.

                              Its always easier to Draw something, that One has never seen, has no clue what it is - this is Known-

                                                                 So instead of seeing me as a Human, pretend that your on a expedition to the Woods, to simply observe ,and sketch a "Woods Fairy "

Just a Woods Fairy walking on a Log

I liked this article ; " Beyond gender: The concept of 'God' has always been androgynous"


The concept of “God” – despite the largely male-authored history of religious belief – is in its nature neither male nor female. Such mysterious movements as we can detect or believe in as an act of faith seem to have description in human gender. The Greeks, Romans and Vikings, it is true, were fond of gender stereotyping their deities – men for war, women for love, on the whole – but these too were expressions of cultural norms rather than any deeper truth. So it is when the God of the Christian Church is described routinely as “He”.

The call by Rachel Treweek, the newly-appointed Bishop of Gloucester, that God should be “degenderised” carries a good deal of weight, and should be supported. Instead of using either “He” or “She” to describe God, the Right Reverend reports that she prefers simply to use the word “God”. As she rightly points out: “If I am made in the image of God, then God is not to be seen as male. God is God.”

The scriptures may or may not support the ordination of women in ever more important posts in the Church of England, but there is nothing in the Bible, apart from some traditionally patriarchal language, that defines the Almighty as a male.

The naming of the divine and unknowable matters because it has more earthly implications: how can women progress in the Church if its spiritual leadership is considered  male by nature? What a miracle it would be to see the world’s religions have women, gay, bisexual and transgender people in leadership positions.

  We are Social Constructed to see a False image of something we have no Known conception of, just as All deities, Our imagination conceives the visual concept of .- in Essense we construct a image of nothing we Know of.

Or another way to look at is ; We already have a preconceived notion of what something is, so say some one gives you a mission to find God, or the tooth fairy out in the woods, you will never find either, because you've have a belief that you might know what either looks like. this is the very danger of " Words " as symbols of a person,place,or thing.
    For example you may have known a certain person nearly all your life, and never really known them,their likes,dislikes etc.

Say your out in the forest , and you have heard that there are Woods Fairies in this forest, you have also been told that they are harmless, they even will pose for you, if you want to sketch them, photograph them, you have never seen one, so you have brought your camera, in hopes you might.

         We have to Condition our minds to see not as what we think something " Should be "- 

                                         -but just as something is-                                                                          

Woods Fairy posing with chipmonks
This would be my Ultimate dream look
Wish I really looked more Lady-Like
Just "Always" wanted to be like the girls


     11/25/2019                                        Hair Styles I'd like to " Try "

                                             For myself, as time passes, it is very clear ; the more and more , I desire to be 

                    " Feminine "

My hair is nearly long enough now,and have now started wearing tied with pig tails, which helps me feel feminine