Work as a Carpenter

                                  " The beauty of hand crafting anything, really is in the doing, in carpentry you get to take parts of a once living                                         tree, reform it ,hold it ,keep it alive, be with it, so the real beauty for the creator of, is the Doing.
                                                                                   -Direct Experince-

                                   " It is especially nice to have purpose"
5-11-2018 finishing new home /stairs
all hickory treads.risers,skirts
milking stool,not finished
new miter saw stand 12/10/2018
sea kayak in works
church in mountains-Jamacia
wood paddles
stairs one of prettiest.I ever have done
hard to believe 20 years ago/ all parts custom made by woodworker friend
first new house I built by self with help of friend
Tigger box carved for my kid