Yanis Varoufakis

I think  Yanis Varoufakis is one of the leaders whom does have a grip on reality, whom cares of Humanity as a whole, and is well worth listening to.


I like this video above " How Capitalism Works--and How It Fails " Yanis Varoufakis might be the first person that I have encountered whom shares my view on Capitalism, also clearly heard by our 2nd president John Adams,..as well , Yanis in the very beginning of his talk states ; " Corporatism and Civilization are two Alien forces

First off in my opinion America never has been a true Democracy, if that was the case " The People would have constant, Direct input into the way the Government is being run, and that certainly isn't the case.

Democracy- " a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state- what is it ?

And we must admit, if this country was based on the concept of " We the People " it is as much We the People's fault, our Government has become much more of a non-democracy.

The United States of America is a type of Democracy [not a pure direct democracy, as is the classical meaning of the term, but a mixed-Republic with a representative democracy and democratic spirit].

The United States is Both a Republic and a Democracy (a Representative Democracy)

One way to phrase this is the United States of America is a “representative republic” (a “representative democracy,” in a Republic).[6][7]

The people democratically vote for representatives, who then represent them in government. Thus, in simple terms, the United States of America is both a Democracy and a Republic in this sense.

          As Benjamin Franklin was exiting after writing the U.S. constitution, a woman asked him, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a republic or a monarchy?” He replied, “A republic—if you can keep it.

   The One great thing in the U. S.  Constitution is they where wise enough to put in the" Right to Petition ", because
   the elected representative thing is -not- working well at all. doesn't take anyone to wise to see that. the Facts speak for self.

But only way to have any thing close to Democracy is ; People must be educated enough to even vote, be fairly well self-actualized, be able to organize in civil way, and create a " Plan ". So a true Democracy takes great effort on each individuals part, whom is willing to do this?. So far the evidence shows very,very few.

My only Idea is ; to have a Petition system on each state's U.S. representative's website , and each State Representative's website. maybe similar to the " White House We the People " petition site.


A great example of elected officials for most of the years of my life, very,very few ever run for office with a outlined plan of any type. Ross Perot is really the only person I can recall whom " Had a PlanPEROT VOWS TO RID AMERICA OF THE IRS AND TAX CODE "

    excerpt from above article ; " To redesign the American tax system, Perot said he would bring together a panel of leading tax experts to evaluate and to run computer models on several proposed tax systems, including the flat income tax idea proposed earlier this year by Steve Forbes during the Republican primaries. At the completion of the study, Perot said, proposed changes would be put before the American people "in plain language."


"It is estimated that the time spent preparing tax returns each year costs us $300 billion," he continued. "In 1960, we operated the entire government of the United States for only $100 billion."

Backed by multicolored graphs and charts, Perot continued: "Americans spend more than 5 billion man-hours each year preparing income tax forms. That is more hours than we spend each year manufacturing cars in the U.S.A."

  Since 1913, when the Internal Revenue Service was created, federal tax regulations have increased from 400 pages to 80,000 pages, he said.


5/6/2019;  I glad some one is standing up to Government, as it is out of control " New York attorney general sues Trump Treasury, IRS "

I am not a person whom is well educated on politics / policy etc. yet I do know in order for Art, Craft, Creative endeavors to thrive (I do believe this a basic human need). I then believe ; " The Environment "must be created for this to occur.